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Palmer: Liberals soothe builders with HST changes
Vancouver Sun
From the first hint that the provincial sales tax might be harmonized with its federal goods and services counterpart, Peter Simpson of the Greater Vancouver Home Builders' Association has been on the BC Liberal government's case. Spring 2009.
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2 W.Va. liberals fight against Obama health-care law
Charleston Gazette
"Most Republicans and conservatives want to knock out that mandate, while Democrats and liberals have supported it. "We are the only liberal, left-of-center group that says this requirement should be knocked out. And we believe there is a growing ...
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Bligh ready for Qld election fight
Sydney Morning Herald
The premier admitted polling was not good, with a Galaxy poll published on Sunday giving the Liberal National Party (LNP) a 60-40 lead on a two-party preferred basis. Ms Bligh said she took two things from the polls. "Firstly, we need to hear what ...
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Liberals Twisted the Facts In Recent Birth Control Debate: The Catholic Church ...
Meanwhile, liberals have claimed that not requiring such coverage would have endangered the reproductive freedom of women who work for religiously-affiliated institutions. Now that the storm has calmed somewhat, dispassionate analysis reveals that the ...
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Liberals in Labor's sights
The Canberra Times
THE ACT government is set to continue the pursuit of the Canberra Liberals over its staffing arrangements when the Legislative Assembly resumes this week. The Canberra Times earlier this month revealed serious discrepancies over the attendance of ...
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Alberta Liberals take up St. Albert woman's VLT fight
St. Albert Gazette
WANTS CHANGES - St. Albert's Giselle Jubinville was joined by the Alberta Liberal party in her fight to get the AGLC to change the way it reports on payouts of VLTs and slot machines. The Alberta Liberals are taking up the cause of a St. Albert woman ...
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Newman resolute amid brother-in-law debacle
Sydney Morning Herald
They hoped to catch Labor operatives shredding sensitive documents before the Liberals took office, but instead their sleuthing was caught on security camera and became front-page news. Now Mr Monsour's activities have caught the eye of the FBI.
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Sydney Morning Herald
Liberal candidate in Port Moody announced
PORT MOODY (NEWS1130) - BC Liberal cabinet ministers and civic leaders were among the packed house at a community centre in Port Moody on Friday night to welcome the party's new candidate for the upcoming byelection. Some are questioning whether the ...
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Fiscal concerns for education
Toronto Sun
Drop education spending to 1% annual growth: It didn't have to be this bad, but since the Liberals jacked up spending to 4.6% annual increases, even though enrolment has dropped by 120000 kids in the last decade, that's what it will take to right the ...
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Israel Matzav: The Islamist lobbies v. the secular liberals
By Carl in Jerusalem
The Islamist lobbies v. the secular liberals. There's a battle going on for the future of the Middle East (aside from Israel). It's a battle between secular, liberal Muslims and Islamist groups and their lobbyists. The battle isn't taking place in the ...
Israel Matzav

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Fred Hiatt's Accountability Liberals Don't Know Arithmetic | Beat the ...
He presents us with the divide between "nostalgia liberals" and "accountability liberals." The story is that nostalgia liberals are opposed to means-testing Social ...

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