Tuesday, February 7, 2012

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Progressive 'treatment' of Atlantic City is killing the patient
Shore News Today
Until "progressives" like Democratic Gov. Woodrow Wilson took control of New Jersey government in 1910, government permits were not needed to build a house, a hotel – or a power plant. Or to sell liquor, run a casino, sell cocaine (then a key ...
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Dennis Kucinich v. Marcy Kaptur: How GOP Redistricting Will Force Out a Top ...
Two progressive champions are facing off for one seat in Congress. What's a voter to do? Sign up to stay up to date on the latest News & Politics headlines via email. As the election season heats up, eyes around the country will be trained on Ohio, ...
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Follow us on Facebook and get updates from Advertising posted directly to your ...
Business Insider
One of our favorite advertising bloggers, Copyranter, dug up this gem from advertising's history this morning: An early audition tape of Stephanie Courtney, the actress who plays Progressive's beloved pitchwoman Flo. Little is known about the tape ...
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Oregon Progressives Throw Health Insurance Under the Bus
By Ernie Shannon on February 6, 2012 - 9:35pm Since a group of Oregon activists have been left out of the national debate over health care insurance, they are now a coalition determined to push universal health care in Oregon and the nation-at-large.
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The battle for the Republican presidential nomination -- 100 years ago
The flamboyant and charismatic Roosevelt, then known as the Colonel, provided a sharp contrast to the portly Taft, who was considered colorless, ineffective and unelectable by the party's progressive wing. Even though Taft had extended Roosevelt's ...
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McCarthy, Beck, and the New Hate
The Atlantic
The Progressives on the right believed in Statism and American expansion through military strength, while the Progressives on the left believed in Statism and expansion through transnationalist entities such as the League of Nations and then the United ...
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The Atlantic
Shuffle Master Receives Top Honors at Inaugural International Table Games Awards
MarketWatch (press release)
The four winning products were: -- Best Electronic Innovation: Operator Wide Area Progressive for Table Games Through a proprietary communication network, multi-property casinos in the same regulatory market can now offer players a single jackpot that ...
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Fighting Gun Violence By Ignoring It
Media Matters for America (blog)
This argument simply doesn't hold up: the gun lobby is planning a massive campaign whether progressives push for stronger gun laws or not, and progressives have won in the face of such efforts in the past. The impetus for Winkler's befuddled argument ...
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RH Line calls printed Feb. 7
We have blue states and we have red states, and we have conservatives and we have progressives. And no one is getting along because the progressives want to convert us to a socialist welfare state with an authoritarian streak, and the conservatives ...
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"The Lesser of Two Evils" & Why Progressives Lose | Bob Cesca's ...
There comes a time during just about every general election cycle when a faction of progressive Democratic voters begin to harrumph and gripe about the two ...
Miller urged to run by party progressives | newsobserver.com projects
Democratic Congressman Brad Miller has been receiving some encouragement to run for governor from party progressives. MoveOn released a survey showing ...

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