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The Progressive Movement's Discredited Legacy
Investor's Business Daily
He follows in the footsteps of other presidents with a similar vision, the vision at the heart of the Progressive movement that flourished a hundred years ago. Many of the trends, problems and disasters of our time are a legacy of that era.
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Illinois House Candidate Launches Dream Progressive Primary Ad (VIDEO)
Sheyman has the backing of progressive groups like MoveOn and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, and he wants voters to know it -- his first TV ad, out Monday, might be the most openly "progressive" campaign spot in recent memory.
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The re-energised US left has much to teach its dismal European counterparts
The Guardian (blog)
In 2012 so far, in a spectacular series of victories, American progressives have taken on big oil, Hollywood and (some people's version of) God, winning every time. The European left, meanwhile, is in freefall: the social democrats, once synonymous ...
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The Guardian (blog)
Letter: 'There is much to be done'
Dothan Eagle
The Progressives of the Wiregrass (POWs) will be at the Morgan Square Mall on Rucker Blvd., Saturday, Feb. 18, from 8 am to noon. Please look for us in the area of the mall where the flea market is located. Our group is Democratic-leaning and ...
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February 13: Political Emotionalists and Neurotics; Mysteries of Providence
The Atlantic Wire
But the quote that is leading most of the papers today (or at least the Republican-leaning ones) is, "The Republican party is entitled to be called truly progressive." But that bit came at the end of a rather long sentence in which Taft defended his ...
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The Atlantic Wire
Union political machine sputters in Wisconsin
Washington Times
By Christian Schneider To this day, Wisconsin liberals genuflect at the mention of "Fighting Bob" La Follette, the state's most revered political figure, who served as governor and US senator and won 17 percent of the vote as a Progressive Party ...
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Harper pandas to voters — and it works
Toronto Sun
Carville made a pithy observation that all progressives should remember: "(We) need a narrative. It's tough to beat a narrative with a litany. And that happens to us again and again and again." Progressives — be they Democrats in the US, ...
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God & Man at CPAC – Facing the 2012 Election (press release)
The most important of these centered on the conflict between what may be titled American foundationalism versus contemporary progressivism. Foundationalism embodies a family of concepts ordered hierarchically from God, the Declaration of Independence, ...
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Why Super PACs Are Good for Democracy
Slate Magazine
Hi, I'm calling on behalf of Russ Feingold and the Progressives United PAC." If I made a donation, I would help the former senator combat corporate personhood and save America from the Citizens United decision. The super PACs would be humbled.
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Slate Magazine
The Morning Plum: GOP goes all-in on birth control
Washington Post (blog)
Sheyman's first ad is right here, and this race will be closely watched by national liberals who are hoping to show that unabashed progressives can win in suburban districts. * Obama budget will restart fight over taxes on rich: The budget Obama will ...
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Commonsense & Wonder: The Progressives America: A gulag to ...
By jerry
The Progressives America: A gulag to make the movie Modern Times look like a Deadhead party · Carolla Slams Progressives for Ruining a Day at the Beach. Posted by jerry at 10:00 AM. Labels: anti-Americanism, Free Speech, Freedom, ...
Commonsense & Wonder
Pa Progressives Discuss "Assault on Women's Health" | PoliticsPA
By Keegan.Gibson
In the past few weeks, abortion and other reproductive health issues have reemerged as top campaign issues. At the Pa. Progressive Summit on Saturday, women's rights advocates gathered to discuss specific initiatives in Pa.

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In Contempt: Progressives and the Constitution - Derek Hunter ...
In Contempt: Progressives and the Constitution - Derek Hunter: Progressives hold the U.S. Constitution in the highest regard. That's.

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