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Tea Party group goes all in to save Scott Walker
Washington Post (blog)
The group's massive investment in the Walker recall fight is another reminder that for national conservative and Tea Party groups, the battle to defend Walker against recall has emerged as their number one national cause celebre.
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Day after losses, Romney says he's better tea party candidate than GOP rivals
Washington Post
ATLANTA — Mitt Romney says he's a better tea party candidate than his rivals for the Republican presidential nomination. The former Massachusetts governor lashed out at Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum on Wednesday, the day after losing contests in ...
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Dayton Tea Party leader steps down
Rob Scott is stepping down as president of the Dayton Tea Party after leading the organization since he founded it in 2009. The founder of the Dayton Tea Party is stepping down as the organization's leader. On Wednesday, the party announced Rob Scott ...
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Failed Candidates and Faded Icons Reflect Tea Party Decline
National Journal
By Naureen Khan Rick Santorum's sweep of Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado this week suggested it was his turn to get some tea party love. Finally. The famously decentralized movement has moved from candidate to candidate in early Republican nominating ...
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Anna Wintour's Party for an Obama Re-election Campaign
New York Times
The Tea Party has the Koch brothers. Mitt Romney has his friends at Bain Capital. But only President Obama has Anna Wintour. On Tuesday night, Ms. Wintour, the Vogue editor, gathered 20 American designers at the Theory store in the meatpacking district ...
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New York Times
Tea Party patriots announce activities and meeting
Historic City News
Dave Heimbold, chairman pro tempore of the Saint Augustine Tea Party, reported to Historic City News some recent activities where the members had an opportunity to participate with neighboring Tea Party organizations; united for a singular cause.
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'So Starts the Democratic Wing of the Tea Party'
WILTON: "Malloy gets a jump on Republicans that talk about shrinking government, but do nothing once voted in... so starts the Democratic wing of the Tea Party." This is one reader's response to news thatMalloy is proposing to cut 25 state boards and ...
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Tea time at the Brookside Museum
Albany Times Union (blog)
Brookside Museum, home of the Saratoga County Historical Society, presents a Victorian Tea Party on Feb. 21 and 22. Sue McLane shows off the underpinnings of an old fashion hoop skirt at a previous tea party at the Brookside Museum.
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Albany Times Union (blog)
On the Road with the Tea Party Express
New Yorker (blog)
The genesis for Jason Andrew's current project, "Under the Banners of American Flags," came in April, 2010, as he witnessed the growing momentum across America of what would become the Tea Party movement. Last summer, as Republicans geared up for the ...
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New Yorker (blog)
CAC to Hold Mad Hatter's Tea Party
The Cultural Arts Council of Douglasville/Douglas County has to announced its annual spring celebration for children and their families, The Mad Hatter's Tea Party, Saturday, March 17 at the Cultural Arts Center in Douglasville's historic district.
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In Which I Support a Tea Party Bill for School Funding
By Jon Geeting
In my latest Patch column, I argue that a school funding reform plan being pushed by the Tea Party could actually be more distributionally progressive than the current way PA funds public education. I qualify my support with an argument for ...
Jon Geeting
Ohio Tea Party! Roll Call! | RedState
By creinstein (Diary)
I live in Oregon... but today I stand with the Ohio Tea Party. Ladies and Gentlement of the Ohio Tea Party, aka Patriots of the highest order. Your.
A Tea Party demise? Not so | JHU Press Blog
By brendanccoyne
These analyses miss the Tea Party's continuing importance on at least two counts. First, that Mitt did quite well in Nevada among voters who described themselves as "very conservative" and reasonably well among Tea Party supporters.
JHU Press Blog
Why Tea Party Criticism Should Matter to Planners | Planetizen
By Jonathan Nettler
Andrew H. Whittemore contends that planners dismiss the far-fetched theories of a grand United Nations sustainability conspiracy at their own peril.
Planetizen - Urban Planning,...

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