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Tea party opposes North Little Rock millage
Today's THV
Kenny Wallis with the Tea Party hands out flyers. NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) Efforts are underway to stop the North Little Rock Millage tax increase. The Arkansas Tea Party traveled door-to-door today from 11 to 3 pm in North Little Rock.
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Tea Party Rallies Against High Speed Rail
Steve Brandau, a coordinator for the Central Valley Tea Party doesn't buy it. "The project as it is, is three times the price and they haven't even put a shovel in the ground. We don't trust them to continue this project in a fiscal responsible way," ...
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Breitbart: Poor GOP Field Is Tea Party's Failure
The Fiscal Times
According to Breitbart, a big reason for a lackluster field is the Tea Party's inability to unite their local activist groups into a national voice that demanded a small-government conservative get to the White House. "In terms of coming up with a ...
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The Fiscal Times
SA tea party plans protest aginst HHS mandate
SAN ANTONIO- The San Antonio Tea Party is calling the Obama administration's plan to cover contraceptives in health care plans an attack on religious freedom. The Obama administration offered a compromise on Friday on the health and human services ...
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Hartzler, tea party face similar challenges
Kansas City Star
She's true to the fed-up-with-Washington tea party movement, which helped elect her and many others among the 87 House freshmen in 2010. Her experience mirrors theirs —and frames the stakes facing the now widely unpopular House Republican caucus as ...
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Kansas City Star
Ohio: Self-Proclaimed 'Tea Party' Candidate Doesn't Know Who Andrew Breitbart Is?
Big Government
Certainly, Kraus is happy to link himself with the Tea Party and even helped put on an event in Sandusky, Ohio where he set himself up as a spokesman for those venerable homegrown activists. But it's Kraus' website where all the action is.
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Victoria Jackson's excellent Tea Party adventure
Toronto Star
Gus Garcia-Roberts Miami New Times More about US election» Two decades ago, Victoria Jackson was a comedy big leaguer who spent six seasons on Saturday Night Live and had roles in eight feature films. These days, the 52-year-old Florida "housewife" ...
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Toronto Star
Santorum Wins Virginia Tea Party Straw Poll (press release)
In a straw poll of its members the Manassas Tea Party selected Rick Santorum as the overwhelming Presidential winner while Mitt Romney received no votes. The poll also contained US Senate Virginia seat and Manassas City Council races.
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Democrats see path to House majority
San Francisco Chronicle
Pelosi - who was speaker until 2010 when Democrats lost control of the House after a Tea Party-driven tidal wave - predicted Democrats in her home state will gain 3 or 4 seats toward the goal. "We've got to do everything we can to win those ...
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Maine Caucus Offers an Opportunity for Paul
New York Times (blog)
The state's officeholders include two fairly conventional liberal Democrats, Representatives Chellie Pingree and Mike Michaud; two extremely moderate Republican Senators, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins; and a conservative, Tea Party-backed governor in ...
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Wisconsin Recall Elections: Tea Party Groups To Fight Efforts ...
By The Huffington Post News Editors
Verify the Recall, an effort backed by Tea Party groups to ensure the validity of petition signatures in Wisconsin's recall elections, is now 13000 volunteers strong and organizers say one signature is being checked every 2.7 seconds.
The Full Feed from - Taliban Tea Party
Taliban Tea Party. Part of channel(s): Iraq (current event), Afghanistan (current event). I know a shorter version has been posted at LL, but I don't remember this longer version being posted. I decided to go ahead and upload. Apologies if its a ... - Rss Feed
CPAC 2012 » Tea Party versus Occupy
By Bill Hobbs
Unlike their leftist counterparts in the "Occupy" movement, Tea Party activists do not need to be paid or coerced into advancing their ideas, free market activists said during one of the closing panels at the annual Conservative Political Action ...
CPAC 2012

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Tea Party 'Is Dead,' Says Movement Leader
It was the great wildcard going into the 2012 election cycle. Republican Party insiders openly worried the Tea Party might knock off the establishment ...

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