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The Tea Party's war on mass transit
The Tea Party soared to power on the notion that it was the antidote to wasteful government spending. It's now clear that reigniting the culture wars was a top priority, too. From guns to abortion, the extremist wing of the Republican Party has fought ...
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Kate, Camilla, Queen plan tea party
Queen Elizabeth and her new daughter-in-law will celebrate Picadilly revitalization with a tea party at Fortnum and Mason. 52% off! $89 for 50 Minute Custom Deluxe Facial, Eye & Lip Treatment at Pure Blu Spa More news you couldn't possibly live ...
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Tea Party, NAACP oppose Florida prison privatization plan
Bradenton Herald
The Tea Party and the NAACP are at opposite ends of the political spectrum on a lot of things, but on one pressing issue in Tallahassee they are in sync: prison privatization. As the Senate prepares again to debate the controversial issue, ...
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Tea Party America, Tuesday, February 14
Sydney Morning Herald
Sarah Palin at the Lincoln Memorial invoking the spirit of Martin Luther King jnr on the anniversary of his seminal ''I have a dream'' speech is just one of many affronts to decency offered by this hour-long doco exposing the workings of the Tea Party ...
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Sydney Morning Herald
Tea Party leader says contraceptive fight could 'invigorate' conservatives
The Hill (blog)
By Justin Sink - 02/13/12 09:15 AM ET Tea Party Patriots co-founder Mark Meckler warned that the president's move to require insurance companies to eliminate co-pays on contraception would "invigorate the Tea Party" in 2012.
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Why Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Have Lost Their Clout
The phenomena known as the Tea Party is as much a fascinating study in American society as it is a confounding analysis of its politics. Beginning with a television reporter's rant about President Obama's plans to help overwhelmed homeowners in 2009, ...
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Watch This: Occupy, Tea Party Try To Find Common Ground Over Beers
Breaking a cycle of hurling insults at one another, one enterprising member of the Tea Party protest invited a member of the Occupy Wall Street protest to have a conversation together, in a reasonable tone and volume of voice, in a nearby pub (via ...
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Local Tea Party Opposes High Speed Rail
CBS 47
Local Tea Party members are tying to knock the high speed rail plan off its tracks. A meeting was held in Fresno over the weekend to discuss the project. Their message is simple: California can not afford the $98 billion high speed rail project.
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Corbin kids go to a tea party
Times Tribune of Corbin
A total of 44 children, parents, and grandparents walked up the steps to the second floor of the Corbin Public Library to enjoy the 2nd Annual "Fancy Nancy Tea Party." The event was held by the library to salute the children's book character as well as ...
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Occupy Movement and Libertarians, Tea Partiers Find Common Cause in Fight ...
By John Iacovelli (about the author) A coalition of three Southern Oregon Occupy Movements is joining forces with a local libertarian/Tea Party goup called Wake Up America Southern Oregon for a Monday February 13th protest in Medford against the ...
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100000 Tea Party Patriots Line Up To Back Sheriff Joe Arpaio ...
By darcprynce
Officials with Grassfire Nation, a key coordinating group for tea-party-type activities and issues, say the Department of Justice's investigation of Maricopa, Ariz., County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is nothing more than a political attack. And to offer ...
The Daley Gator
Tea Party Gets Hosed...Again | Stan Collender's Capital Gains and ...
By Stan Collender
Today's announcement by House GOP leaders that the GOP is no longer insisting that the payroll tax extension be offset with spending cuts is just the latest in what now has to be considered to be a series of failures by the tea party to exert any ...
Stan Collender's Capital Gains and Games
How the Tea Party Gets It Wrong on Taxes | Planetsave
By Zachary Shahan
I've thought about writing such posts on the Tea Party's confusion about U.S. tax policy and how taxes affect the country. Well, it's still on my agenda, but David Brinn does an excellent job writing about that topic in the post below (maybe better ...
American Power: Santorum Support Surges Among Tea Party ...
By Donald Douglas
Rick Santorum's support among Tea Party Republicans and white evangelicals is surging, and he now has pulled into a virtual tie with Mitt Romney in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. In polling conducted Feb. 8-12, 30% of ...
American Power
Here's another Tea Party member who's grown fat sucking on the ...
By Billy Dennis
Evil, fat BASTARD: Ki Gulbranson owns a logo apparel shop, deals in jewelry on the side and referees youth soccer games. He makes about $39000 a year and wants you to know that he does not need any help from the federal government.
Peoria Pundit

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Failed Candidates and Faded Icons Reflect Tea Party Decline ...
Resignation seems to be the overriding mood among tea party activists around the country, and there's mounting evidence that the movement's influence is on ...

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