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Santorum's voting record at odds with tea party's fiscal philosophy
By DAVID LIGHTMAN AND WILLIAM DOUGLAS WASHINGTON -- Supporters of the tea party movement, the grass-roots conservatives who've been relentless in demanding tough, lean budgets, are rallying behind Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum - but ...
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The tea party isn't dead
Daily Caller
By Dustin Stockton Published: 6:17 PM 02/14/2012 By Dustin Stockton When the tea party movement burst onto the scene nearly three years ago, conservatives did something unheard of: they took to the streets! With the federal government in the midst of ...
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Virginia Tea Party: Beware tax breaks
Augusta Free Press
"From beehives to spaceflight, from social engineering to coal mines, many special interest groups want a tax credit," said Mark Daugherty, the chairman of the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation. "What they are looking for is a legal and financial ...
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Augusta Free Press
With Tea Party Support, Rick Santorum Leads Mitt Romney in Michigan
Sunshine State News
Among the 55 percent of the likely primary voters who do not consider themselves supporters of the tea party movement, Romney leads with 35 percent, followed by Santorum with 30 percent. But Romney fares badly with the 45 percent of likely primary ...
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Sunshine State News
Fox News Changes Anger Tea Party Audience
Fox has undergone a Roger Ailes-mandated "course correction," in which its politics now more closely align with the GOP establishment, angering the Tea Party constituency it helped create. The infamous cable network was once so aligned with the Tea ...
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Harry Reid: GOP roads bill a 'love note to the tea party'
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Tuesday bashed the House's transportation bill as a "love note to the tea party." Reid said that former Presidents Ronald Reagan and Dwight Eisenhower wouldn't recognize the GOP bill, which would sever a link between ...
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Tea Party President Challenges Meeks in Democratic Primary
by Phillip M. Bailey on February 14, 2012 Louisville Tea Party President and founder Wendy Caswell is set to challenge state Rep. Reginald Meeks, D-Louisville, in the May primary. Caswell says the Tea Party movement can't be defined by party ...
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Mad Hatter's tea party at Craigieburn farmers' market
Hume Leader
THE Highlands Farmers' Market is under new management, and it is celebrating with a Mad Hatter's Tea Party. this weekend. The new-look Highlands Farmers' and Artisan Market will be held at Highlands Lake, North Shore Drive, Craigieburn, ...
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Leader says tea partiers still not satisfied with 2012 choices
Daily Caller
By Alex Pappas Published: 11:35 PM 02/13/2012 By Alex Pappas Tea Party Patriots co-founder Mark Meckler told The Daily Caller in an interview Monday that many activists in the conservative grassroots movement still are not satisfied with the Republican ...
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Daily Caller

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The Demise of the Tea Party is Greatly Exaggerated | RedState
By Ned Ryun (Diary)
Promoted from the diaries Certain people keep opining that the Tea Party is all but dead, but those who wish for the demise of the Tea Party are missing.
Payroll Tax Has Republican Leaders Urging Tea Party Members To ...
By The Huffington Post News Editors
WASHINGTON -- The potential Republican retreat from a hard-line stance on extending the payroll tax cut comes as GOP leaders have been quietly urging their Tea Party members to be less extreme. House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) ...
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The PJ Tatler » Newt Speaks to Southern California Tea Party
By Sammy Levine
Fresh off a series of poor primary showings, Newt Gingrich attended a tea party town hall in Pasadena–a city adjacent to Los Angeles–last night, where he spoke to a packed crowd and took some questions. From the electricity and high ...
The PJ Tatler
The Tea Party Candidate? - The Dish | By Andrew Sullivan - The ...
By Andrew Sullivan
The Tea Party movement was supposed to represent an end to this sort of moralistic Big Government conservatism. Animated by "fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free markets," as the Tea Party Patriots' credo put it, the movement ...
The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan
Who's Coming to the Tea Party » Contexts
By Arlene Stein and Jodi O'Brien
Who is joining the Tea Party? Where are Tea Party organizations cropping up? Sociologists Tina Fetner and Brayden G. King presented their research on these questions at the American Sociological Association's meetings in Las Vegas last ...

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