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Tea Party Leader: Republicans Will Pay Price for Payroll Tax Vote
By Martin Gould Republicans who support the payroll tax cut extension can expect to face challenges at the upcoming election, Tea Party Patriots founder Mark Meckler warned in an exclusive Newsmax interview on Thursday. He called the decision by party ...
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Rolly: Tea party's wrong number gives Utah woman fits
Salt Lake Tribune
But the Mona resident soon figured out that FreedomWorks, the tea party outfit obsessed with defeating Hatch and replacing him with the Mad Hatter, or some other tea party devotee, had been robo-calling Republican state delegates and, for some reason, ...
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Romney Talks Up Tea Party, Tones Down Antiunion Talk
My Fox Boston
(The Wall Street Journal) - Mitt Romney talked up his Tea Party values and softened his antiunion rhetoric in a roundtable event Thursday. "You have to get America on track to have a balanced budget," Romney told half a dozen local officials, Tea Party ...
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My Fox Boston
Mitt Romney works to make inroads with Michigan 'tea party' vote
Los Angeles Times
The "tea party" activist and mother of three took part in a panel discussion with the former Massachusetts governor on Thursday morning, but remains undecided in the GOP presidential contest. "Our venom is our vote," Schmidt told Romney, "and we intend ...
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Los Angeles Times
Is Santorum a Tea Party Guy?
Tucson Weekly
Trent Humphries, who recently stepped down from his leadership role with the local Tea Party, says that the Santorum campaign reached out to the organization to secure a speaking spot. The Tucson Tea Party then extended invites to Newt Gingrich, ...
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Memo to the Tea Party: Rick Santorum Rejects Your Message
National Journal
Ticking off the former senator's various George W. Bush-era heresies, Healy writes, "The tea party movement was supposed to represent an end to this sort of moralistic Big Government conservatism. Animated by 'fiscal responsibility, limited government, ...
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Tea Party efforts are wasted with Santorum
United Liberty
While some conservatives are glossing over Rick Santorum's voting record in the Senate, others are beginning to express serious concern about his penchant for big government and economic statism. Over Against Crony Capitalism, Nick Sorrentino gets ...
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Flagler Tea Party Frets As Numbers Dwindle And Excitement Appears Elusive
Flagler's tea party group once drew 300 people a meeting. Not Thursday. (FlaglerLive) The Flagler County Tea Party Group is worried–even "scared," in the word of one of its members: the tea party is losing steam. It's lacking excitement.
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Why do tea partiers flock to Santorum, given his voting record?
News & Observer
WASHINGTON — Supporters of the tea party movement, the grass-roots conservatives who've been relentless in demanding tough, lean budgets, are rallying behind Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum — but Santorum's record suggests he's hardly ...
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Claim: IRS Won't Grant Richmond Tea Party Tax Exempt Status ...
By Daniel Halper
Read conservative news, blogs and opinion about IRS, Richmond, Taxes and Tea Party from The Weekly Standard, the must read magazine available in online edition.
The Weekly Standard Blog
Awful. Cofounder of Tea Party Patriots Says GOP Candidates are ...
By Jim Hoft
That was awful. Newt Gingrich led the GOP takeover of the US House of Representatives after 60 years as the minority party. He balanced the budget for the first time in decades. Mitt Romney has a strong record in the private sector, won the ...
The Gateway Pundit
Tea party rep: Dems engage in 'the most insidious form of slavery ...
By Stephen C. Webster
Allen West (R-FL), a tea party favorite, said Wednesday in a speech to the U.S. House of Representatives that his colleagues in the Democratic Party engage in "the most insidious form of slavery remaining in the world today." "Our party firmly ...
The Raw Story
A Tea Party Senate Takeover | David Horowitz Freedom Center
By Michelle Malkin
The tea party isn't dead. It's just looking down ballot. While fiscal conservatives remain split over the GOP presidential candidates, grassroots activists are.
David Horowitz Freedom Center
Under the Tea Party veneer « The Reality-Based Community
By Mark Kleiman
The purported small-government libertarianism of the Tea Party was always a fairly thin veneer over its John Birch Society core. Now some libertarians are finding that out; Tea Party voters are going for Santorum over Romney. If Santorum ...
The Reality-Based Community

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