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Tea Party Tempest Subsides, But Activists Cite Inroads In State Politics
Hartford Courant
Yet tea party activists in Connecticut insist their movement remains vibrant three years after it burst onto the scene with a wave of high-profile protests at the Capitol and throughout the state. "We may not be as visible as we once were in terms of ...
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John Young: GOP drinking tea party's poisoned punch
For this, the Grand Old Party can give credit for its new life force, the tea party. We call this a new thing, but the tea party really is just proving to be the same old Jerry Falwell-Father Coughlin pulpit-pounding right that has always offered ...
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Ella's Tea Party: 5-year-old who beat cancer helps others do the same (KNXV-TV)
And it's in that spirit that the Vidrines founded Ella's Tea Party, a non-profit that has raised $52000 so far for childhood cancer research. That money going directly back to the place credited with Ella's cure, the Phoenix Children's Hospital.
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Slater Library hosts 'American Girl Tea Party'
Norwich Bulletin
Therapy dog presentation at the annual "American Girl Tea Party" on Saturday, February 18th at Slater Library. (LR) Karen Eberl and Chance, an Irish Wolfhound; Joyce Brewster and Isabella, a Bichon Frise; Cathy Briody and Ginny, a Bichon Frise By ...
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Tea Party Shifts to Stealth Mode for 2012 Elections
Christian Broadcasting Network
By David Brody WASHINGTON -- The days of the Tea Party rallies seem to have given way to another movement. Recently, the Occupy Wall Street crowd took the bulk of the ink in the national media. So what happened to the Tea Party?
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Tea party celebrates The Channel Islands Co-operative and Kenyan Fairtrade tea ...
Guernsey Isle News
A Kenyan tea producer is the special guest at a Fairtrade tea party organised by The Channel Islands Co-operative Society. The event, at the Fermain Valley Hotel on Friday 9th March, is part of International Year of Co-operatives celebrations.
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House Democrats cry foul over tea party-inspired bills
Cronkite News
PHOENIX – "Extremist" bills inspired by the tea party movement are taking the Legislature's attention away from issues important to Arizonans, such as jobs, fixing schools and making government accountable, House Democratic leaders said Monday.
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Tea party believes this
13, "What does tea party really stand for?" by Jim Perkins.) The Amarillo Tea Party is a non-profit 501c(4) organization, an independent grassroots group, whose sole purpose is to unite those individuals who believe the government has over-extended its ...
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Rotary's Award-Winning Mad Hatter's Tea Party Hat a Family Affair
The Grafs made it look easy with this year's top-hat win at the Fifth Annual Mad Hatter's Tea Party at Cross Creek Ranch in Dover. The event is an annual fundraiser of the Rotary Club of Brandon South. By Linda Chion Kenney Cassandra Graf, ...
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President's Day Message | Tea Party Patriots
By Randy
OurMission. The Tea Party Patriots' mission is to restore America's founding principles of Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government and Free Markets. Fiscal Responsibility; Constitutionally Limited Government; Free Markets ...
Tea Party Patriots

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