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GOP Campaigns Grow More Dependent on 'Super PAC' Aid
New York Times
The spending reports revealed the breadth and power of super PACs as the campaign hits a critical and perhaps decisive period, with outside groups poised to pick up a growing share of political spending during the costly primary battle that lies ahead.
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Romney Goes After Santorum on Budget, in a Battle He Didn't Bargain For
New York Times
... high-profile opportunities this week to steer the conversation back to the economy and defeating President Obama: a debate on Wednesday in Arizona followed by a speech on Friday in Michigan that his campaign is billing as a major policy address.
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In New Book, Ex-Senator Says Fear Clouded Judgment After 9/11
New York Times
... antiterrorism law, but also to the war in Iraq and ugly political attacks. The pleasant Capitol Hill neighborhood that he inhabited became an armed camp reminiscent of another anxious period in American history when civil liberties were at risk.
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New York Times
Online Data Helping Campaigns Customize Ads
New York Times
Political campaigns, which have borrowed tricks from Madison Avenue for decades, are now fully engaged on the latest technological frontier in advertising: aiming specific ads at potential supporters based on where they live, the Web sites they visit ...
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A political tip sheet for the rest of us
Las Vegas Sun
AP A political tip sheet for the rest of us outside the Washington Beltway, for Friday, Feb. 17, 2012: ROMNEY'S WORLD VIEW: It often appears that Mitt Romney is targeting the rest of the world as fiercely as he does his rivals for the Republican Party ...
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Obama's Tax Policy Targets Rising Sector of His Base: The Affluent
New York Times
WASHINGTON — Partisan clashes over President Obama's proposed tax increases have obscured something remarkable: that the affluent Americans targeted by his policy represent a growing share of his own party's base. You would not know it from Republican ...
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New York Times
How Abraham Lincoln Shaped American Politics, Popular Culture Post Assassination
PBS NewsHour
On this Presidents' Day, Hari Sreenivasan and historian Richard Norton Smith discuss President Lincoln's influence on American politics and popular culture as they tour the Ford's Theatre's new Center for Education and Leadership dedicated to the ...
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Gingrich: Obama is most dangerous president in American history
Fox News (blog)
Blasting President Obama the "most dangerous president in modern American history," Newt Gingrich accused the White House of having an attitude towards violent Islamic extremism that puts political correctness above national security.
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US Senators in Cairo want swift end to NGO case
Chicago Tribune
He gave us his assurance that they are working very diligently to try to resolve the NGO issue," McCain said. BROTHERHOOD The senators said they met representatives from the Muslim Brotherhood and its political party, which secured the biggest bloc in ...
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EA WorldView - Home - US Politics Analysis: An Interesting Week for ...
By Scott Lucas
US Politics. Rick Santorum & Mitt RomneyThis is a crucial week for Mitt Romney as he hopes to claim the Republican nomination for President. has On 28 February, Michigan and Arizona hold their ballots, and Romney is in trouble. Both states ...
EA WorldView
U.S. politicians place politics over policy | Commentary ...
BY MARK C. ALEXANDER COMMENTARY We are living in a time where Congress is getting less and less done, and gridlock has a firm headlock on Washington. At the same time people have lost their homes, the.
WPR Article | The New Rules: U.S. Needs ... - World Politics Review
By (Thomas P.M. Barnett)
The national rebuilding project now facing America has us toggling between bouts of renewed self-confidence and crippling self-doubt. But the same thread runs through both cycles of this national bipolar disorder: the assumption that we must ...
World Politics Review: Articles

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