Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday's Daily Brief

Thursday, February 16, 2012
Congress Agrees On Payroll Tax Cut, Unemployment Extension
RECOVERING THE RECOVERY: A Good Sign For American Jobs
Most Inmates In Honduras Prison Fire Were Not Convicted
A Hormonal Mess: How An Everyday Chemical May Be Making Us Fat And Sick
Relintless: Knicks Run Winning Streak To Seven Games
Bob Cesca: Send Your Medical Bills to Rick Santorum
With a series of anti-choice and anti-contraception laws on the books in various southern and midwestern states, the Republican Party is hastily constructing an ideological and legislative Berlin Wall around itself, and Rick Santorum has become the latest poster boy.
Conrad Black: Time's Fatuous and Egregious Coverage of Wall Street Prosecutor
In coverage of U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara taking on Wall Street firms, Time remains a staple for the smug, clichéd, only-in- America, lumpen bourgeoisie: the Mencken-roasted masses always ready to believe that if it's American it must be the best, and if it's happening in America, it must be good.
Robert Scheer: Apple's China Comes Home to Haunt Us
If the habits required of Apple's workforce in China are to be emulated, the U.S. military, or perhaps our outsized prison system, should become the essential schooling system for American workers to better compete with the properly disciplined assemblers of iPhones in China.
Sarah Hull: Inheriting Mardi Gras (PHOTOS)
Everything -- from the cut of the masks to the thousands of pounds of plum-colored beads tossed from Iris' 33 gargantuan floats -- must pass muster.
Menachem Rosensaft: Spare Us From Petty Political Hacks: A South Florida Holocaust Center Under Siege
Ordinarily, the peremptory proclivities of this municipal politician would not be of academic or esoteric interest to anyone fortunate enough to live outside Hollywood, except that he seems intent on harming if not destroying the Holocaust Documentation and Education Center.

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