Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday's Daily Brief

Wednesday, February 29, 2012
James Murdoch Steps Down From News International Post
Obama Waives Rule Allowing Indefinite Military Detention Of Americans
It's One Of Those Recoveries Where People Can't Afford Food
Syrian Official: Homs To Be 'Cleaned'
What To Expect When You're Expecting On Leap Day
Marlo Thomas: Tragedy in Ohio: When the Bullied Strike Back
Bullying is not, as some allege, some mandatory rite of passage that young people must endure on their journey to adulthood. This is not "kids just being kids." This is a murderous game that young people are playing all across this country, and without immediate intervention by adults -- parents, teachers, community leaders -- we will continue to see more and more deaths, and the slow and painful obliteration of a generation. It is tempting to call the horrid news from Ohio this week a wake-up call, but that is both disingenuous and naive. We've had far too many wake-up calls already.
Valerie Jarrett: Protecting Women and Their Children Around the World
When women are denied the chance to contribute because of domestic violence our entire society suffers. When women have a chance to achieve their dreams, everybody benefits. And when women succeed, society as a whole does better.
Dr. Andrew Weil: Walk Like an Australian, Lose 10 Pounds
Gasoline is expensive, money is tight, and obesity in America is at record levels -- three good reasons to make the spring of 2012 the time to get serious about walking.
Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald: Happy Tails: Amazing Stories of Rescued Pets
The decision to be a pet guardian is an enormous one. There are many factors to consider when deciding what kind of pet to bring home -- large or small, young or old, dog, cat, or tortoise -- and especially where to find your new animal companion.
Ted Kaufman: Greece's Debt Crisis Bodes Ill for Us All
There are lots of catch-22s in this terrible crisis, and they should have been taken into account when the eurozone was first established.

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