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Why we wrote The Fox Effect

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The Fox Effect
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Two years ago, Media Matters recognized Fox News had become something entirely new. The network never lived up to its "fair and balanced" mantra, and bias was no longer its primary defect. Instead, without much notice, it had become something entirely new -- a news organization acting as a proxy for a political party.

We set out not only to document this trend, but expose it. In the course of our research, Media Matters uncovered internal network memos, unheard speeches by a "news" executive, and even previously unpublished letters from the head of Fox News, Roger Ailes.

The result of our efforts is a new book called The Fox Effect – and I'm proud to say it's in stores today.

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I'm often asked, "Why does Fox News matter? The only people who pay attention to them are militant conservatives."

However, the network's impact is far broader. The Fox Effect ushered in the current era of post-truth politics. The facts no longer matter; only what is politically expedient, sensationalistic, and designed to confirm the pre-existing opinions of a large audience matters to Fox.

Media Matters Vice President Ari Rabin-Havt, myself, and the entire team at Media Matters spent the past two years working on The Fox Effect because we felt telling this story and exposing Fox for what it is -- a megaphone for a political party -- is crucial if we want to correct the current dysfunction in our political system.

Today, the product of our efforts is on sale.

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I guarantee even an avid follower of will be shocked by some of the revelations in this book.

Thank you,

David Brock
Founder and Chairman
Media Matters for America

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