Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday's Daily Brief

Friday, March 30, 2012
Ryan Makes GOP Endorsement
Spending Jump Outpaces Income Growth
White Supremacist Allegedly Hacks Trayvon's Email And Facebook
Widow Reveals New Details On Bin Laden's Life On The Run
Controversial Study Links Birth-Control, Women's Wages
Rep. Steny Hoyer: Republican Budget Represents a Bleak Future for America
All of us want to put America back on a sustainable fiscal path, but to do so everyone must be asked to pitch in. The Republican budget, however, places the entire burden of deficit reduction on the middle class, seniors, and the most vulnerable.
Anya Strzemien: How We're Paying For Putting Ourselves Down (And Why We'll Pay For You To Say Something Nice!)
Even though I'm not normally one for saccharine self-affirmations and cheesy platitudes, I want to use the comments section of this post to flip the script and ask you all to say something positive about yourselves.
Raymond J. Learsy: The Price of Oil: Saudi Hypocrisy, Our Gullibility
One is compelled to pull out that old chestnut, "There he goes again." The personage of a Saudi oil spokesman entertaining us to one of his seminal dissertations, expounding on Saudi Arabia's concerns for the well being of all mankind.
D.L. Hughley: Clothes Break the Man
Last week, Geraldo Rivera got into it with his comments on the Trayvon Martin killing. What Rivera said was insidious -- but like most insidious comments, there is an element of truth to them.
Tim Hanstad: Catalytic Potential of Land Rights
Like the bicycle. Sweeping change is often sparked by the most unlikely, seemingly small, ideas and items. This week at the Skoll Forum, in Oxford, 1,000 people from around the world have been given a sneak peek at the newest of them.

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