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Santorum calls on conservatives to pull together
Rick Santorum crowed that Tuesday's primary victories in Alabama and Mississippi were a sign that conservatives had not lost their sway in picking the Republican presidential nominee and urged them to come together behind his scrappy challenge to ...
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Born-again Christians, conservatives dominate GOP presidential voting in ...
Washington Post
People in the two Deep South states were also strongly conservative, though not the most conservative to have cast ballots in presidential contests this year. Around 7 in 10 in both states considered themselves conservative, including about 4 in 10 who ...
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Early exit polls show deeply conservative Ala., Miss. voters strongly back ...
Washington Post
IDEOLOGY AND SATISFACTION: Half of voters in both states said Mitt Romney's positions on the issues were generally not conservative enough, while most voters in each state said Newt Gingrich's positions were ideologically about right.
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Breaking Down the Alabama Vote: Conservatives Divided
New York Times (blog)
Perhaps most telling, more than half of Alabama voters said Mitt Romney's positions on the issues were not conservative enough, while about the same number said that Rick Santorum's and Newt Gingrich's positions were just about right.
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GOP candidates battle to capture Alabama, Mississippi conservatives
The Republican presidential campaign grappled in a Southern showdown Tuesday, with primaries in Alabama and Mississippi testing which candidate could best appeal to some of the most conservative states in the union. The stakes were particularly high ...
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Santorum Sweeps US Primaries in Conservative States of Alabama, Mississippi
Voice of America (blog)
Rick Santorum has won Tuesday's Republican presidential primary elections in the US southern states of Alabama and Mississippi, solidifying his status as the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney, the leading candidate in the race.
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Is conservative talk radio on the way out?, asks columnist
The Jersey Journal - NJ.com
After nearly 30 years of rapid growth that saved the sagging AM radio format the question is being seriously asked: is conservative talk radio as we know it on the way out? According to reports, conservative talk titan Rush Limbaugh has lost 141 ...
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The Jersey Journal - NJ.com
Young Conservative staffer was shocked to be named in robocalls affair: source
Montreal Gazette
OTTAWA — The young Conservative in the spotlight of the robocall scandal told co-workers on Parliament Hill he was stunned to learn he'd been named in connection with fraudulent calls in the Ontario riding of Guelph by unknown senior figures in the ...
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The American Spectator : The Spectacle Blog : Conservatives ...
By W. James Antle, III
In Alabama, where the initial results look best for Santorum, self-described conservatives voted 37 percent for Santorum, 33 percent for Gingrich, and 25 percent for Romney. "Very conservative" voters (36 percent of the electorate) went 41 ...
The American Spectator and The...
Motley Crew of Moderate Conservatives Starts a New Super Team ...
By Doug Barry
Moderate, has-been Republicans like former presidential advisor and serpent-bride Mary Matalin, former RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie, former (Democratic) Boston Mayor Ray Flynn, and former VA Affairs Secretary Jim Nicholson have joined ...
Capitol Confidential » Conservatives in love with Wendy Long
By Jimmy Vielkind, Capitol bureau
If the Conservatives go with Long, are their lines irrevocably split? Thanks to the delicious backward magic of New York's elections laws, the answer is no! Conservatives could nominate Long for a judgeship in a place where she would be ...
Capitol Confidential
Conservatives Escalate Attacks On CNN's Soledad O'Brien Over ...
By Tommy Christopher
Hell hath no fury like a conservative pwned, or something like that. On the heels of her tough interview with Breitbart.com Editor-in-Chief Joel Pollak, the Big sites published a furious series of posts accusing Soledad O'Brien of everything from ...
Daily Kos: Do conservatives really think Obama is Muslim, or are ...
By rss@dailykos.com (kos)
NBC Political Director Chuck Todd thinks it's unfair to ask conservatives whether they think President Barack Obama is a Muslim. MATT LAUER: And Chuck, real quickly, this story that a lot of people are talking about, this Public Policy Polling, ...
Daily Kos

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Fiscal Conservatives, Social Conservatives, and the "Contraception ...
Almost a month ago, Mr. Obama launched his contraception campaign in a blatant attempt to win over women voters and to shift the debate away from ...

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