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Low-Road Conservatives
Wall Street Journal
Conservative Republican activists have concluded that long-serving Indiana Senator Richard Lugar is too moderate, too old and too Washington. They are backing Indiana Treasurer Richard Mourdock to unseat Mr. Lugar. Fair enough.
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Can Social Conservatives Rescue Rick Santorum? (The Note)
ABC News (blog)
But in the eyes of Santorum's backers, especially those in the social conservative community, their candidate is accomplishing something more important that accumulating delegates. "What we're seeing here is the gap between Mitt Romney and ...
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ABC News (blog)
Conservatives Are Laughing at, Not Scared of Newt Now
The Atlantic Wire
AP It wasn't that long ago that some of the top conservative publications were in full-on Newt panic, but they're now a bit more mellow, just sitting back and enjoying the candidate make a fool of himself. Three months ago, National Review's editors ...
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The Atlantic Wire
Why Conservatives Are Still Crazy After All These Years (blog)
What's changed is that loony conservatives are now the Republican mainstream, the dominant force in the GOP. I'm in a unique position to judge. A sixties obsessive since childhood, I misspent my teenage years prowling a ramshackle five-story used-book ...
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Blame For High Oil Prices Is Misplaced— Even By Conservatives
Investor's Business Daily
By MERRILL MATTHEWS Posted 06:46 PM ET There has been some media grumbling lately — including from some who are viewed as conservative leaning — about US oil companies exporting oil. The complaint: The US imports and refines lots of oil, ...
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Growing conservative anger toward Ron Paul about his romance with Mitt Romney
The Hill (blog)
By Brent Budowsky - 03/16/12 09:20 AM ET The perception of a secret side deal between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney is now creating a major backlash from conservatives and relegating the Paul campaign to third-tier status. While major media have begun ...
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Sarah Palin Predicts An Enduring Legacy For Conservative Blogger Andrew Breitbart
Huffington Post
Urging readers to follow the hashtag #IAmAndrewBreitbart on Twitter, Palin predicted that Breitbart would inspire a new generation of conservatives in Hollywood and the media. "I've seen it first hand," she wrote. "When my daughter Bristol saw the ...
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Latest Tory line on F-35 jets: 'All options are on the table'
Globe and Mail
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives appear to be beating a hasty retreat from a formerly iron-clad commitment to new F-35 stealth-fighter jets. The junior defence minister now is saying the government is looking at all options to replace the ...
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Globe and Mail
The 50p tax trap for Conservatives
The Guardian
This capitulation to the right would wreck efforts to modernise the Conservative party, which still remains an unfinished process as proven by polls and the failure to win an outright majority at the last election. The 50p tax rate may be a bomb left ...
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The Guardian

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Jesse Jackson Calls Conservatives "Fascist"… - Weasel Zippers
Jesse Jackson Calls Conservatives "Fascist"… More of that "new civility" Wasserman Schultz lectured the right on. Via Right Scoop: "America is a liberal idea. How can you have in our country that is based upon liberality and liberation, be so ...
Weasel Zippers
ConCalls: It's the Liberals Calling, No Wait, Conservatives ...
By saskboy
RoboCalls were not the only illegal voter suppression strategy used against non-Conservative voters last general election. There was also someone or some party paying big money for live-calls purporting to be from Liberals. Listen to one ...
Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff
Palin Calls On Conservatives To Pick Up Where Breitbart Left Off ...
By Laura Donovan
Two weeks after the sudden passing of conservative activist Andrew Breitbart, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has penned the Righteous Indignation author a second tribute and noted that we've lost a major player in the vetting of Barack ...
The Jane Dough
Brian's Coffeehouse: Conservatives and Higher Education
By Brian Ulrich
This study finding that only 21% of American conservatives have a favorable view of college professors and doubt the value of higher education more broadly is unsurprising: "The importance of ideology to the value that the typical American ...
Brian's Coffeehouse
Conservatives still tops: Poll - The Whig Standard - Ontario, CA
Opposition hysteria over voter mischief allegations has done nothing to dent Conservative popularity, says an exclusive national poll that shows...
The Whig Standard

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