Saturday, March 17, 2012

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Santorum, Romney fight for conservative voters in Illinois
Chicago Tribune
EFFINGHAM— The Republican presidential frontrunners wooed conservative voters Saturday as they launched an ambitious ground game across Downstate Illinois, a region that has emerged as crucial in deciding the winner of the state's primary.
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Chicago Tribune
3 conservatives tout credentials in race to succeed Paul
Houston Chronicle
Weber proudly proclaims that the Texas Conservative Coalition named him the most conservative member of the 150-member Texas House during his first term, but it's difficult to find any conservative distinction between the 58-year-old Pearland small ...
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Where did all conservatives go now that we need them
Anchorage Daily News
By Paul Jenkins While Alaska stampedes toward a precipitous fiscal cliff, we should ask: What happened to all the conservatives? What happened to the folks who promised in the last election to curb spending, shrink government and get Alaska moving?
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A liberal tries to understand conservatives
To conservatives, this was a blasphemous outrage. To liberals, the issue was censorship. But what if the likeness immersed in urine had been of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.? Or Nelson Mandela? How might the reaction be different?
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Guest Column: Comedians of conservative stripes are few
St. Augustine Record
This bizarre episode made me wonder yet again why there are so few actual comedians of conservative stripes. Late show hosts and stand-up comics skewer those in power and those who seek power. Right now the latter translates to the candidates competing ...
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Gerald Warner: That's all folks from the Conservative Loony Troons
That tragicomic body the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party will be holding its annual conference, allegedly in the concert hall, more likely in the adjoining telephone kiosk. If you happen to pass by, it would be a civilised gesture to doff your ...
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Conservatives preach the gospel but forget the chapters
Globe and Mail
These have been confusing intellectual times for conservatives on both sides of the Canada-US border. What conservatives of various stripes have promised, they have not delivered and, it would appear, they do not know how to deliver because their ...
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Globe and Mail

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From Cadillacs to Pickups: Are Conservatives Swapping Black ...
By Phoenix Woman
The position of the one-percenters is getting more precarious with every passing day. We know this from the increasingly desperate measures they seem to be taking. The latest one: Expanding (or trading) the focus of their demonizations from ...
Phoenix Woman's myFDL diary
Conservatives drop controversial Halifax candidate
By Mark Pack
No real surprises that the Conservatives have decided to drop David Ginley as a local election candidate in Halifax, though it is rather a puzzle as to how he got through to being a candidate again. As the Halifax Courier reports: HALIFAX ...
Liberal Democrat Voice
The 50p tax trap for Conservatives | Ian Birrell
This capitulation to the right would wreck efforts to modernise the Conservative party, which still remains an unfinished process as proven by polls and the failure to win an outright majority at the last election. The 50p tax rate may be a bomb ...

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