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Are conservatives consolidating around Romney?
Fox News
Judge, are conservatives consolidating around Mitt Romney? JUDGE ANDREW NAPOLITANO, FOX NEWS SENIOR JUDICIAL ANALYST: Reluctantly so, yes. I think people are tired of the long primary. I think people are beginning to say we can find things about Romney ...
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Barbour: Romney's "moderately conservative" views will help in the fall
CBS News
A major Republican fundraiser and a former Mississippi governor, Barbour called Romney "moderately conservative," and said he is not the ideal choice for many conservative Republicans. But he added that conservatives will be with him in the fall, ...
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CBS News
Over-the-top conservative condemnation of President Obama's health-care law
Washington Post (blog)
By Stephen Stromberg I'm still not sure whether Charles Krauthammer's Friday column is actually a Stephen Colbert-like parody of over-the-top conservative opposition to President Obama's health-care law. From 2013 through 2022, the CBO reports, ...
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Pat Toomey: Mitt Romney is a conservative
Allentown Morning Call
"I think Mitt Romney is a conservative and if he's president, he'll govern as a conservative," Toomey, R-Pa., told reporters after a speech to the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference, the annual gathering of conservatives in the state.
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Allentown Morning Call
Religious conservatives to protest federal health care law
Washington Post (blog)
By Michelle Boorstein The Obama-backed health care law has been a rallying cry for religious conservatives since even before it passed. With a challenge to the bill heading to the Supreme Court in coming days, Washington will see a lot of public ...
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Can Mitt Romney win over Louisiana conservatives? (Friday's Trail Mix)
Washington Post (blog)
By Felicia Sonmez This weekend, Mitt Romney has another chance to coalesce conservatives around his campaign -- this time in Louisiana, which holds its closed primary on Saturday. Only 20 of Louisiana's 46 delegates are at stake in Saturday's primary, ...
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SC Gov. Haley stumps for Romney at gathering of Pa. conservatives, says he's a ...
Washington Post
Nikki Haley tried Friday to lend conservative credibility to Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney in front of a skeptical crowd in Pennsylvania, a moderate state that nevertheless could be a challenge for Romney to win.
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Renewed fervor among religious social conservatives
Washington Post
Maria Bremberg grew up in the kind of activist, social conservative household where family photos included Mom getting arrested for chaining herself to an abortion clinic, and all seven kids had matching "Choose Life" T-shirts for protests.
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Conservatives propose ideas for budget
By ENRIQUE RANGEL AUSTIN — Conservative groups and think tanks already have some suggestions for state lawmakers who are anticipating another massive revenue shortfall. They include no tax increases, no tapping the Economic Stabilization Fund ...
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President Obama Reappropriating ObamaCare From Conservatives ...
By James Crugnale
The Obama Administration has decided to reappropriate the long pejorative 'Obamacare' and has begun using it on 2012 reelection materials.
What Santorum's Gaffe Says About Conservatives « Commentary ...
By Alana Goodman
Throughout the race, pundits have wondered whether a Mitt Romney nomination would keep the conservative base at home next November. Now they may have their answer. Conservatives don't gloss over Romney's flaws, and many cheer ...
Commentary Magazine
Dear Louisiana Conservatives – NOW is the TIME TO ...
By Justin Spagnolo (Diary)
Louisiana has the potential to be the turning point. So say Newt's advisers. I believe they have crafted a very good argument that logically provides one path.
Friday Morning Coffee: The Conservatives Are Coming. - Capitol ...
By John Micek
But this year, there's the added frisson of presidential politics as the leading lights of Pennsylvania's conservative movement (and some of its dimmer ones) are joined by actual presidential candidate Rick Santorum, fatally wounded candidate ...
Capitol Ideas with John L. Micek
Gizzi suggests that American conservatives peek across the pond ...
By Mitch Kokai
Gizzi suggests that American conservatives peek across the pond | The John Locke Foundation's Statewide Issues Blog.
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