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Islam's defining moment with democracy
Christian Science Monitor
If they can make Islam compatible with democracy, they will give hope to others in the Middle East still struggling in the unfinished Arab Spring. By the Monitor's Editorial Board / March 27, 2012 Islamists pray during a demonstration in Tunis, ...
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Christian Science Monitor
Forced religious conversions hike Pakistan minorities' fears
Fox News
A few hours later her father got a call telling him his daughter, a Hindu, had converted to Islam to marry a Muslim boy. Only days later, Seema Bibi, a Christian woman in the province of Punjab, was kidnapped along with her four children after her ...
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Fox News
Jakim not involved in explaining Islam to non-Muslim NGOs
Sin Chew Jit Poh
KUALA LUMPUR, March 28 (Bernama) -- The Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) is not involved in activities related to inter-religious relations and explaining Islam to non-Muslim non-government organisations (NGO).
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Muslims call new religious freedom appointee a 'puppet' for Islam foes
Washington Post
Zuhdi Jasser, who lauded a controversial New York City police surveillance program that targeted Muslims and helped lead the opposition to an Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero, has been appointed to the commission, which advises the president, ...
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Tunisia constitution will not be based on Islamic law: party
The Daily Star
TUNIS: Tunisia's governing Islamist party said it will not support making sharia, or Islamic law, the main source of legislation in a new constitution and will maintain the secular nature of the state. Ennahda's stance on an issue that has increasingly ...
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The Daily Star
Stop denying the reality of Islamic terrorism
He claimed to be a mujahid, which is a warrior of jihad, which is an Islamic theological and legal concept. Muhammad Merah even called himself an "Islamic warrior." French police were warned nearly two years ago that Mohammed Merah, the Islamic radical ...
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An un-Islamic attack on science: Driving Israelis from a conference sets back ...
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
With this act, the Prophet established that scientific thinking and dialogue must be valued in Islam. It could be that this fable is only told or cherished in Iran, a place with a deep-seated tradition of respect for arts and sciences.
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Norway Sentences Islamic Cleric For Death Threats
International Business Times
By Esther Tran Le: Subscribe to Esther's RSS feed A court in Norway has sentenced Islamic cleric Mullah Krekar to five years in prison for posting death threats online against three Kurds and Norwegian officials. Mullah Krekar, whose birth name is Najm ...
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International Business Times
Norway Jails Islamic Cleric For Making Death Threats
RTT News
(RTTNews) - A court in Norway on Monday jailed Iraq-born Islamic cleric Mullah Krekar for five years for making death threats against Norwegian officials and others. Krekar, who arrived in Norway as a refugee in 1991, was found guilty of making death ...
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Edict on churches goes against Islam
San Bernardino Sun
I am very sad to see the state of Islam today, where once again the beautiful message of Islam and the example of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be upon him (pbuh)) are totally absent in the verdict by Saudi Arabia's Grand Mufti ...
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Toulouse shootings upend French election : Euro-Islam: News and ...
By Euro-Islam
News Agencies – March 22, 2012. French far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen says her anti-Islam agenda has been vindicated: A French Muslim claiming ties to Al Qaeda has taken responsibility for the country's worst killing spree ...
Euro-Islam: News and Analysis...
Blazing Cat Fur: Global News Attacks SunTV Says Muslim Wife ...
By Blazing Cat Fur
Global News Attacks SunTV Says Muslim Wife Beating Manual Just Like The Bible. Yup just like the Bible, except for that honour killing thing. Global has an unnamed Muslim "leader" cite an irrelevant passage from Deuteronomy as "proof" that ...
Blazing Cat Fur

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IslamOnline, Islamic News, Islamic Finance and Business - Benefits ...
By ARAB NEWS Published: Mar 26, 2012 00:55 Updated: Mar 26, 2012 00:55 Following is the full text of the speech delivered by Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, ...
Islam News | Entertainment TV
postheadericon Islam News. March 26th, 2012 | Author: If you consider to go deeper in the topic and search about by yourself, you will encounter that there is no ...

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