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Liberals also targeted Guelph with robocalls
An audio recording surfaced Friday showing the Conservative campaign in Guelph, Ont., wasn't the only one to use automated robocalls in the last federal election campaign: the Liberals also employed the technique. Liberal MP Frank Valeriote has ...
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Clegg's gone off the high board - now it's government or bust
Daily Mail
But it revealed more than Farron intended: it neatly illustrated the difference between backbench romantics such as himself and the hard-headed liberals surrounding Nick Clegg who believe that the very point of being in politics is to be in power.
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Daily Mail
Liberal MP says 'oversight' left party name off robocall
Liberal MP Frank Valeriote says it was an "oversight" that his party did not identify that it was behind an anti-Conservative robocall used during the last federal election Guelph, Ont. The riding is already the focus of an Elections Canada probe into ...
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BC Liberals exploit elections loophole with Chilliwack by-election blitz
The Province
By Michael Smyth, The Province March 10, 2012 8:04 PM Premier Christy Clark still hasn't called the crucial Chilliwack by-election, but you'd never guess that from Liberal candidate Laurie Throness's early campaign push. To the great irritation of his ...
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PALMER: With BC Place costs through the roof, Liberals drop the ball on how to ...
Vancouver Sun
VICTORIA - The BC Liberals and BC Place: the highlights package: May 2006. How much is being spent to get BC Place ready for the opening ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympics? A mere $2.5 million, say the Liberals. What about that aging roof?
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Telus, dear Liberals, what's in a naming right?
Victoria Times Colonist
By Jack Knox, Times Colonist March 10, 2012 Can't believe the Liberals rejected Telus's bid to buy the naming rights to BC Place. The New Democrats, sure. They'd shun the money, then rebrand the stadium as the National Heroes of Labour Pleasure Centre ...
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Liberal parties agree to field unified candidates for April elections
Yonhap News
SEOUL, March 10 (Yonhap) -- The leaders of the nation's two liberal parties reached an agreement on Saturday to field unified candidates for next month's parliamentary elections to better pit hopefuls against their conservative rivals, party officials ...
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Yonhap News
Vince Cable attacks 'backward-looking' Tories who want tax cuts for the rich
Vince Cable attacked the Tory right-wing and pledged to take on "old-fashioned, backward-looking" thinkers who claim tax cuts for the rich will fuel economic growth, during a speech at the Liberal Democrat spring conference.
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The one chart liberals hate « Don Surber
By Don Surber
Now, liberals are saying, "At the time, we were incompetent. We told you we were capable, but we actually were not, because we wrote and filled a prescription for you that was not appropriate for your malady. But you should still trust us." ...
Don Surber
"I find most liberals who are critical of Fox news don't watch it ...
By Darleen
"I find most liberals who are critical of Fox news don't watch it." [Darleen Click. Tweet. They have a perspective informed by clips they see on The Daily Show, or the most outrageous thing that they've ever seen passed around that Sean ...
protein wisdom
Even in Tunisia, Islamist Rattle Liberals « Persecution News
By persecution
Even in Tunisia, Islamist Rattle Liberals. ICC Note: "Four months after Tunisia's first freely contested elections, critics of the country's Islamist-led government are sounding the alarm: Freedom, they charge, and a certain Tunisian 'way of life' are ...
Liberals twist 'bigotry' - - March 10, 2012
In recent years, especially with the "first African-American president," the notion is that anyone who disagrees with the liberal left is a bigot, racist, sexist homophobe. If we hold a position that is contrary to the left, it's because we hate, and our ... Opinion stories

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Pat Robertson Would Weaken Marijuana Laws; Blames Liberals for ...
Pat Robertson, the controversial and outspoken evangelist and television talk show host said he would weaken marijuana laws and that "liberals" are the reason ...

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