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New Democrats hold Toronto-Danforth
By Tobi Cohen, Postmedia News March 19, 2012 10:32 PM TORONTO — Jack Layton's old riding will find itself a new MP Monday night and while the Liberal candidate got an election-day boost from party leader Bob Rae, it's widely believed to be the NDP's ...
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NDP wins in Jack Layton's former riding
Scott, a law professor and human rights lawyer, held off a challenge from Liberal Grant Gordon. With a handful of polls still to report, Scott had captured almost 60 per cent of the vote while Gordon was a distant second with less than 29 per cent.
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Liberals vow to 'fight fire with fire' over Tory ad attacking Bob Rae
Toronto Star
Kenyon Wallace Toronto Star The federal Liberals are vowing to "fight fire with fire" in response to a new Conservative ad attacking interim Liberal leader Bob Rae that will hit television screens this week. The ad, posted to YouTube on Monday, ...
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Toronto Star
Liberals vow to return fire after Tories target Rae with attack ad
Globe and Mail
The Conservatives have launched a televised attack ad against Bob Rae that's similar in tone to the campaigns successfully waged against the Interim Liberal Leader's predecessors. Michael Ignatieff and Stéphane Dion chose not to respond in kind and, ...
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Globe and Mail
Liberals Started the Culture War, and We Should Be Proud of Continuing It
Mother Jones
Wade author Harry Blackmun; Gerald Ford's brief presidency produced long-time Supreme Court liberal John Paul Stevens, and Poppy Bush put the ultimate Stealth Liberal, David Souter, on the High Court, an act for which the later nomination of Clarence ...
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Mother Jones
NDP set to keep Jack Layton's Toronto Danforth riding
National Post
While the Liberal candidate got an election-day boost from party leader Bob Rae, it's widely believed to be the NDP's seat to lose. Craig Scott, an Osgoode Hall law professor, was the first to enter the race in December. The NDP candidate has been ...
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National Post
Voters cast ballots to select Layton's successor in Toronto-Danforth
Globe and Mail
But it has passed back and forth between the Liberals and New Democrats since it was created in 1979 and no one expects this election to break that pattern. By the numbers: How Canadians voted in by-elections since 1962 Polls conducted in the weeks ...
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Globe and Mail
Pastor Dennis Terry Introduces Rick Santorum, Tells Non-Christians And ...
Huffington Post
"I don't care what the liberals say, I don't care what the naysayers say, this nation was founded as a Christian nation...There is only one God and his name is Jesus. I'm tired of people telling me that I can't say those words.
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Liberals, resist this taunt - Hullabaloo
By digby
Liberals, resist this taunt by digby. I mean it. It's a huge part of the reason that Democrats run scared and it's got to stop. It's been going on as long as I can remember --- maybe as long as human history. And it's been extremely destructive to ...
The Modern Liberals War against the Church | RedState
By David Carter (Diary)
The clamor over contraception, created by the liberal media, obfuscates increasing opposition to abortion as indicated in legislation requiring sonograms.
danilo's Diary
Liberals need an aggressive communications strategy « Politics ...
By Politics Freak
This means creating an attack ad that will register with viewers, something that the Liberals have not been very effective at. While it is good to see the quick response from Rae, it will probably not be effective, he mentions many interesting facts ...
Politics Canada
"The real bigots are the liberals" | Alethian Worldview
By Deacon Duncan
Writing for Mail Online, one Simon Heffer spews: I believe that the only people who should be able to marry and have a wedding are those of different genders. Well I believe that people should only publish opinions that do not make them look ...
Freethought Blogs
Pastor Introducing Rick Santorum Tells Liberals And Non-Christians ...
By Alan
"We don't worship Buddha. We don't worship Muhammed," says Pastor Dennis Terry of the Greenwell Springs Baptist Church tells those who don't agree with him to "GET OUT!" Of America.
Alan Colmes' Liberaland

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