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Liberals and leftists resign from constitution-writing panel in Egypt
Washington Post
CAIRO — Egypt's liberals and leftists vowed Sunday to boycott a crucial body tasked with writing the nation's constitution, accusing Islamist parties of trying to dominate the process as the country lurched toward a political crisis.
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Bligh may suffer same fate as me: Kennett
Sydney Morning Herald
The former Victorian premier resigned from politics after the Liberals lost the "unloseable" election to Labor in 1999. Mr Kennett held his safe Liberal seat of Burwood with a 13 per cent majority. But when he forced voters to go to a by-election weeks ...
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Ontario Liberals pare back increase to child benefit
The Liberal government introduced the benefit five years ago, in a bid to help low-income families provide for their children. In its present form, the benefit provides up to $1100 per child annually. It is available to parents whether they are working ...
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Quiet riot builds to a celebration
The Australian
Water was the tipple of choice early on as they sat around television monitors, and given that the last election night when either the Queensland Liberals or Nationals celebrated a win in the state was back in the 1980s, it seemed they still remained ...
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Election victory vindicates forming LNP: Springborg
ABC Online
Liberal National Party (LNP) founder Lawrence Springborg says the massive Queensland election victory vindicates his push to form the merged party four years ago. He says he is willing to consider a Cabinet position in Campbell Newman's new State ...
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Labor boss doesn't regret negative campaign
ABC Online
The state secretary of the Queensland Labor Party, Anthony Chisholm, says negative campaigns will be a fixture in Australian politics, despite widespread criticism of the attacks on Liberal National Party leader, Campbell Newman.
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The 'can-do' commander
The Australian
That propensity to micro-manage, supposedly the hallmark of his seven years as Brisbane mayor, was going to rear up and bite the Liberal National Party, just like the questionable deals with developers that were alleged to have happened on his watch.
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BC by-elections could prove crucial to Liberals
Globe and Mail
As a rookie BC Liberal premier, Christy Clark beat the by-election odds last year by narrowly winning Vancouver-Point Grey, formerly Gordon Campbell's riding. As she kicked off two new by-elections last week, Ms. Clark noted she was one of two ...
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Globe and Mail
Thomas Mulcair vows to strengthen NDP, attract Liberal voters (blog)
TORONTO — Freshly-crowned NDP leader Thomas Mulcair moved quickly Sunday to embark on a mission to convince Liberal voters and other "progressive" Canadians that they can place their trust in his party in the next federal election.
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Daily Kos: Do liberals under-appreciate the Affordable Care Act?
By (ai002h)
I am one of those lefties who had many problems with the administrations handling of the health-care debate, from their desperate need to achieve bipartisanship, which basically resulted in Max Baucus writing chunks of the bill, to their view of ...
A plain blog about politics: Sunday Question for Liberals
By Jonathan Bernstein
Sunday Question for Liberals. Suppose that SCOTUS rules for ACA, ending the legal challenges to the law. What does the health care system look like in the US in another decade? Are the exchanges working and relatively noncontroversial?
A plain blog about politics
Dick Cheney | Heart transplant | Liberals | The Daily Caller
By Caroline May
Dick Cheney was recovering from his heart transplant in the intensive care unit on Sunday.
The Daily Caller
Egypt nominates Islamist constitution panel as liberals boycott | Al ...
By Joe
Egypt's parliament has elected an Islamist-dominated panel to draft a new constitution, and liberal activists are scrambling to block the move, state media said on Sunday. Thirty-nine of the 50 lawmakers chosen for the 100-member constituent ...
Al Akhbar English
Why It's So Hard to Open the Liberal Mind (Or the Newest ...
By Peter Lawler
Social conservatives see welfare and feminism as threats to responsibility and family stability. The Tea Party hates redistribution because it interferes with letting people reap what they earn. Faith, patriotism, valor, chastity, law and order ...
Big Think

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Will These Liberals Be Chased Off Air For Misogynistic Hate Speech?
Slut, t**t, whore, streetwalker, mail-order bride, MILF, hate-f**ks... these are the various ways conservative women are described by liberals in the media. by 2 ...

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