Friday, March 30, 2012

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Obama's slip with Medvedev reveals a time-honored liberal tradition
Fox News
Like most liberals, Barack Obama desperately wants to be liked by the Russians. After the election (when he has nothing to lose), he'll be free to cut a deal with the Russians that would be fatal to his re-election today.
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Fox News
Peter Beinart's Offense Against Liberalism
Huffington Post (blog)
More than that: it is an offense against liberalism itself. The call to boycott Israel -- even the lame effort to distinguish between boycotting Israel within the Green Line and boycotting Israel beyond the Green Line -- is troubling, in and of itself.
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Flaherty slams Ontario Liberals' management of economy
Globe and Mail
During a speech to a business audience in Toronto, where he simultaneously defended his own budget and picked a fresh fight with Ontario, Mr. Flaherty said the McGuinty Liberals have "no one to blame but themselves" for the fact that the province is ...
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Globe and Mail
Liberals promise $105M to treat mental illness and addictions
Alberta Liberal Leader Raj Sherman promised Friday to spend $105 million on community mental health and addictions treatment. Sherman said the money would be spent over five years and would take pressure off acute psychiatric care.
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Liberals back to square one with Islamists over constitution "compromise"
Daily News Egypt
By Heba Hesham / Daily News Egypt CAIRO: Liberal groups said on Friday that they were back to square one in a struggle with Islamists over the drafting of a new constitution a day after most parties agreed on a "compromise." Some 14 parties had agreed ...
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Conservatives herald Liberal budgets of old
By Mark Dunn, Senior National Reporter OTTAWA - Conservatives pointed to Liberal budgets of the past Friday as harsh examples of how to execute deep cuts that many in the Tory family were counting on until Finance Minister Jim Flaherty disappointed.
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The Reason for Liberal Surprise
Town Hall
Both John Podhoretz and Jay Cost write about the patent liberal surprise over the Supreme Court's serious treatment of constitutional objections to ObamaCare. Podhoretz attributes the surprise to impenetrable liberal unwillingness to take ...
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Egypt liberals 'back to square one' with Islamists
Pakistan Daily Times
CAIRO: Egyptian liberal groups said on Friday that they were back to square one in a struggle with Islamists over the drafting of a new constitution a day after most parties agreed on a compromise. Most parties had agreed to boost their representation ...
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Conservatives' Trust In Science Weakens, Survey Says
Huffington Post
Politically conservative Americans have lost trust in science over the last 40 years while moderates and liberals have remained constant in the stock they put in the scientific community, a new study finds. The most educated conservatives have slipped ...
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Mulcair's NDP moves to reclaim spotlight from Liberals, hog debate time
570 News
THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld OTTAWA - Thomas Mulcair's New Democrats are moving to reclaim the opposition spotlight in the House of Commons after being overshadowed by the tiny Liberal team during their marathon leadership contest.
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Seth Meyers: Liberals Are 'More Sensitive' About Jokes | Mediaite
By Meenal Vamburkar
The Cornell Sun published an interview with Seth Meyers on Friday, in which the SNL writer discussed his background in comedy and joking about politicians. Mentioning how jokes about the crop of GOP candidates seem to write themselves, ...
Egypt's liberals walk out, leaving Islamists to write a constitution ...
By The Right Scoop
In muslim countries, hard line islamists who share common ideology and political alliances with the liberals, socialists and progressives throughout the world, are called "ultra conservatives". Those who try to stop the islmamists are called ...
The Right Scoop
Shame on the RNC and Shame On Liberals | RedState
By davenj1 (Diary)
The Liberal press and blogosphere is absolutely insane over the recent Obamacare oral arguments before the Supreme Court. Apparently a day to digest the.
davenj1's Diary
Bryan Fischer Has Fever Dream About Imaginary Liberals
By Evan Hurst
In the real world, liberals hold to the virtues of separation of church and state so that people actually CAN have religious freedom, rather than the un-free version supported by Fundamentalists, wherein we are all free to worship or not worship ...
Truth Wins Out » Blog
Wake up America: Obamacare And The Supreme Court: Liberals ...
By Susan Duclos
Obamacare And The Supreme Court: Liberals Can No Longer Live In Denial. By Susan Duclos Watching the reactions from the far left liberal portion of the Democratic blogosphere and major media, their shock over the intense questioning ...
Wake up America

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