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The Year of the Populist Woman
Huffington Post
With the middle class being beaten down, Wall Street and the top 1 percent still riding way too high, the Occupy and progressive movements finding new ways to make economic issues resonate in the media, a left-of-center populism is clearly on the rise.
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The inarticulate conservative position
Daily Pioneer
They watch and grumble as the state promotes unbridled exploitation of labour, alcoholism and licentious behaviour "The whole modern world', GK Chesterton jested, "has divided itself into conservatives and progressives. The business of Progressives is ...
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Burlington mayor's race: a primer
North Country Public Radio
And he says that even though there's no Progressive on the ballot, those votes will still make a difference. He told Sarah Harris there's a history of bad blood between Progressives and Democrats, and this race is a bit of a turf battle.
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Campaign Notebook: The more than 40 percent question, choosing sides in ...
The independent is Wanda Hines, a city employee and past ally of incumbent Mayor Bob Kiss who has publicly complimented Wright, defended the current administration's record, and further complicated the race for local Progressives.
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Andrew Breitbart Dies, Progressives Should Take the High Road
Real News Network
Andrew Breitbart passes away, and unlike what Breitbart did when Ted Kennedy died, we won't be making any despicable posthumous remarks. --On the Bonus Show: Dog registers to vote, warrantless cell phone searches, $35 computer, much more The David ...
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$5 Trillion in Additional Debt
Town Hall
After three years of progressive economic rule the economy is at risk of slipping into another recession exacerbating the debt. Pro-tax, pro-spend, anti-growth, anti-fossil fuel policies have led us here. Yet the Obama administration says we've turned ...
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Column: Contraceptives mandate raises great concerns
The Department of Health and Human Services' recent mandate that most employers, even religious ones, must fund contraception in their health plans has been lauded by progressives and will certainly increase access to such services.
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FREE SPEECH – Turned on its Head
Bay Area Indymedia
Progressives and liberals were defeated when they bowed down to the fatuous explanation that his free speech rights trumped the impact of his analysis. Likewise, free speech was the explanation given by our fearless leaders to guarantee Bybee a seat on ...
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A New Right Daily
American Thinker (blog)
Much of this current approach by the so-called Progressives stems from the State of the Union Address delivered by Franklin Roosevelt in 1944 in which he laid out what is commonly referred to as the "Second Bill of Rights." It is a consolidation of ...
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American Power: Progressives Rejoice at Death of Andrew Breitbart
By Donald Douglas
But that's probably the nicest thing progressives wrote about him all day. In fact, Scott Lemieux posted a two-sentence entry at Lawyers, Guns and Money, claiming he was "sad" that the reports of Breitbart's death were "accurate." And right on ...
American Power

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Daily Kos: This is What Terrifies Progressives
It's not so much the Republicans and the Democrats as it is the Corporatists and the Progressive-Populists. Or as Alan Grayson put it in reference to Occupy Wall ...
What Anti-Ron Paul 'Progressives' Are Really Saying | Tom Woods
"Sorry, Iranians, but you will simply have to die. I won't vote for the one person who won't bomb you, the one person in public life who has done more to cultivate ...

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