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Campaign Notebook: Burlington Democrats rising, Progressives in eclipse
Tim Ashe, once a Progressive city councilor, looked like a more polished player with the necessary cross-party appeal. Others thought that Bram Kranichfeld, the 31-year-old council newcomer from Ward 2, had some crucial backing from party stalwarts.
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Olague explains her support for RCV repeal measure
San Francisco Bay Guardian
Christina Olague has drawn ire from progressive circles over her pivotal co-sponsorship of a proposed charter amendment that aims to eliminate Ranked Choice Voting in all citywide races. It takes six members of the Board of Supervisors to place the ...
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Minnesota GOP: The Reformation
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Democrats, who are usually progressives, view government as a force for good. They seek to use the power of government for the collective benefit of a "better Minnesota" -- meaning a Minnesota based on progressive values.
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Travis Rowley: Rhode Islanders, Pay Your Own Damn Taxes
And it has little to do with what progressive Democrats claim. That is, that recent tax cuts for the state's high-income earners are the cause of your skyrocketing property tax bill – that "the rich" are not paying their "fair share.
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Pollster blasts birth control questions as 'paranoia'
by Aaron KleinEmail | Archive Progressive pollster Celinda Lake has blasted a WND investigative report that raised questions about her ties to Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke as "paranoia," "conspiracy theory" and an attempt to deflect ...
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"DS does not want govt. with SNS, DSS, SRS"
BELGRADE -- Serbia's President and Democratic Party (DS) leader Boris Tadić said on Saturday that his party would not form new government with Radicals and Progressives. He said at the the DS Main Board meeting that the DS would not form the new ...
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Dancing with ourselves?
The Christian Century (blog)
Progressives have spent overwhelming resources to influence issues within the church, while we have lost our voice outside of the church. It's been a few months since the Presbyterian Church (USA) overturned its ban against those who are in same-gender ...
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The damage they've done
Vallejo Times-Herald
The progressives of the Democratic Party adapted the agenda, ideology and principle of this wholeheartedly. The progressives would lie, distort and misrepresent the rich contribution to the taxes and various charities to spew their agenda of evil ...
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Minnesota Officials Propose Third Way On Voter ID That Prevents Fraud Without ...
Progressives want to ensure that everyone, regardless of race or wealth, has equal access to the ballot box, while conservatives are preoccupied with preventing voter fraud, whatever the cost. This dynamic played out in dozens of legislatures last year ...
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Story of the Week: Secret victories
Much to many progressives' joy, Republicans have been publicly berated in the past few weeks over their hard-lining stance on women's health. But Chris Hayes' Story of the Week is one that has not dominated the headlines, in which GOP lawmakers are ...
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Since Progressives Are Against Race Hate, Obama Must Be ...
By Bob
Since Progressives Are Against Race Hate, Obama Must Be Screwed. Written By: Bob - Mar• 10•12. I've learned a lot about radical racism in the past four years, and I owe all of that to examining the life of our 44th President. I've learned that ...
Bob Owens

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Dissent Magazine - Arguing The World - Progressives Against ...
Beginning with his December speech in Osawatomie, Kansas, Barack Obama has adopted the language of the progressive movement and tried to present ...
Riehl World View: Progressives Should Stop Whining About Derrick ...
There are many lessons to be learned in giving exposure to the thinking of Derrick Bell. Some of them involve Obama but most involve the media. A key one is ...

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