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A New Progressive Federalism
Huffington Post
Progressives are deeply skeptical of federalism, and with good reason. States' rights have been invoked to defend some of the most despicable institutions in American history, most notably slavery and Jim Crow. Many think "federalism" is just a code ...
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Poll: Progressives Ready to Win, then Blow Election, in Illinois
Slate Magazine (blog)
The Progressive Change Campaign Committee, which has been attacking Democratic inboxes with Sheyman appeals for weeks, has put out a new poll that shows him locking this thing down. (The $120000 raised by PCCC has not hurt.) Illinois's one of the only ...
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The Case for Progressive Federalism
The Nation. (blog)
Writing for Democracy Journal, Heather Gerken uses this fact to highlight a key problem with the progressive approach to minority rights—namely, that ignores the extent to which autonomy and authority are crucial to empowering minorities.
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The Nation. (blog)
Praetorian Progressives and Their Imperial Dreams
Canada Free Press
It is our world wide web of foreign commitments and entanglements that has been used by the self-righteous Progressives and their cronies in the military industrial complex in their efforts to transform the United States from republic to empire.
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IL-10: Progressive Ilya Sheyman Looking Good in Primary Fight
I've noticed less emphasis on primary fights among progressives in 2012 compared to other recent years, but one of the bigger ones happens next week in Illinois. Ilya Sheyman, the progressive activist whose experience includes stints at Democracy for ...
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Progressives "interested in cooperation with DSS"
BELGRADE -- Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) leader Tomislav Nikolić is hoping for presidential election as well so he could defeat Democratic Party (DS) leader Boris Tadić. He added that if the SNS got most of the votes, he would first talk with ...
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US-Korea Free Trade Starts as Opposition in Seoul Vows Repeal
South Korea's United Progressive Party, which has joined a coalition with the main opposition group, said in a statement it will propose a parliamentary agreement to nullify the deal. "March 15, 2012, will be remembered not as a day that South Korea ...
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The Vexed Generation
Huffington Post (blog)
But progressives have mostly just wrung their hands at the dilemma of re-energizing young voters. The most common conclusion has been that a less inspirational, more bare-knuckle campaign in 2012 is inevitable. Republicans have ruthlessly exploited the ...
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Justice Department is Protecting Voter Fraud
Texas Insider
Do they really expect us to believe they're so shocked and appalled at Tolbert's law-breaking, when it's liberals and progressives who've not only winked at, but also tacitly condoned and encouraged, illegal immigration across the land?
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Texas Insider

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More Advertisers Leave Rush Including US Army, Progressives ...
An update on the Rush Limbaugh advertiser exodus: the U.S. army has joined the 140 plus national advertisers who have pulled their content from Rush ...

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