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Progressive malpractice that is Obamacare is more dangerous by the day
Washington Examiner
And, as the specifics become clearer by the day, the progressives' dream of health care for all is beginning to look like a public nightmare. Just take a drive down Obama's boulevard of broken promises. He pledged insurance premiums would drop by $2500 ...
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Washington Examiner
The Illinois Progressive Out To Put A 'Blue Dog' Down
If this election year represents a potential crossroads for Democrats — wherein the party must choose to either embrace progressive principles or espouse moderation in the name of electability — Tuesday's US House primary contest in Illinois's 10th ...
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What Libertarians and Progressives Can Agree On
Most Americans seem willing to accept this trade-off of liberty for the illusion of security, while those who should care most about this sinister development — libertarians and progressives — find themselves on distinct sides of the ideological ...
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Tax Measure Compromise a Victory for Progressives: What it Means
Beyond Chron
While less progressive than the Millionaire's Tax, it is a vast improvement over what the Governor had proposed – and will raise more revenue for the state. And without significant infrastructure to wage a statewide campaign, progressives had the ...
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Beyond Chron
Obama's pivot to deficit reduction, explained
Washington Post (blog)
And it won't make progressives any happier. In "Showdown," an insider account of Obama's response to the 2010 midterm losses, author David Corn reports on a number of behind-the-scenes disussions that led to the Dems' emphasis on deficit reduction.
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How Some Democrats Sold Their Souls to the 1 Percent
Huffington Post
Here's hoping that the Congressional Progressive Caucus, a 75-member group of liberal House Democrats, along with Sen. Bernie Sanders, will have a significant impact replacing sellout Dems with fellow progressives in the next election.
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Rep. Paul Ryan Stokes New Medicare Fight, This Time In Election Year
North Country Public Radio
House Republicans rallied around the budget while President Obama, congressional Democrats and progressives ceaselessly attacked Ryan, sometimes with well-reasoned arguments, but not always. Their core argument was that Ryan would turn Medicare into a ...
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DownWithTyranny!: There Are More Progressives Running For ...
By DownWithTyranny
There Are More Progressives Running For Congress In California. > Of course we've been all over Norman Solomon's campaign to replace the retiring Lynn Woolsey and Dr. Lee Rogers' campaign down in the L.A. area to take out ...

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