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Keith Olbermann gets fired again
Washington Times
His savagery tapped into the abiding hatred that is the current hallmark of what's known as the "progressive" movement, whose members hypocritically proclaim that "hate is not a family value." Unless they are doing the hating.
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Washington Times
Tories should send Harper golfing
The Barrie Examiner
Now those of us who identify as 'progressives' face three-and-a-half long years of impotent exile on the electoral steppes. Such is the nebulosity of power. But as we wander, we must also wonder: how are we going to rejoin the shards of the Canadian ...
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"FROM THREE DAYS TO THREE WORDS" (Updated and Re-Posted)
Power Line (blog)
This seems like a good opportunity, though, for me to repost an installment from my "Progressive Versus Progressive" series from a year ago, as Pelosi reminds us of how today's "Progressives" are not merely incoherent, but intellectually lazy, ...
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Egypt's Brotherhood picks presidential runner
It will also widen the gap with progressives and secularists, who fear that the movement - which has largely espoused moderate rhetoric in the past year - will implement a conservative Muslim agenda once it has solidified its political position.
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Chiu Declares Re-Election Bid
Fog City Journal
Chiu, an attorney, was elected to the Board in 2008 with substantial support from progressive groups. "I'm proud of my record for the last three-plus years fighting for small businesses, for public transit, for public safety, for housing and for our ...
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Fog City Journal
Denial about obstruction in NHL frustrates coaches, players
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
At the March 2011 general manager meetings, there was an Old Guard/Progressives divide on whether to outright eliminate head shots. The Old Guard won, but a middle ground was a public call for boarding to be more judiciously enforced.
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Hinchey reflects on 38 years in politics
Ithaca Journal
Hinchey discussed his 38-year career in elected office as a progressive Democrat, his legislative accomplishments and his battle with cancer during an hour-long interview in his Washington office Wednesday. He's thinner, tires more easily and, ...
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Christian Is Not Synonymous With Conservative
NPR (blog)
"I've been troubled for years that conservative, evangelical Christians have appropriated the name 'Christian' as if Christians holding progressive views don't exist," wrote Theodore Johnson of Basye, VA. "In today's story, the reporter seemed to go ...
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Senate District 67 Convention Report:
Democratic Underground
The incumbent, John Harrington, had too opponents, both of them progressives. One was a pleasant and progressive caucasian man; the other a Hmong man with lots of community organizing experience, and an enthusiastic group of supporters.
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Left's Orwellian censorship campaign
But while Channing presumably held to the oft-bandied supposition that "dissent is the highest form of patriotism," today's secular-progressive has no choice but to endeavor that "all opposition should be hushed." Liberals recognize that when arguing ...
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Daily Kos: Why the GOP hates Progressives more than they love ...
By (Democrats Ramshield)
If we are looking for change we must look to the Occupy movement to provide that peaceful nonviolent approach to change in helping to elect better progressive politicians to public office. The Occupy movement and the American unions are ...
Progressives for Mandatory Birth-Control and Procreation ...
By Jacob Freeze
But if liberals and progressives had any kind of philosophy, it would probably resemble John Rawls' Theory of Justice, with its famous maximin principle. "The basic (socio-economic) structure is perfectly just when the prospects of the least ...
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Is The Situation In San Diego Salvageable For Progressives? A ...
By DownWithTyranny
When dedicated southern California progressive icon, Bob Filner, decided not to seek reelection to Congress and try for the San Diego mayor's job instead, Sacramento Democrats, eager to get hideously conservative and corrupt Insurance ...

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Daily Kos: Dana Loesch tells caller Progressives and African ...
Does Dana Loesch act responsibly and say "No, that's crazy." Nope. Instead, she says Yes ...
Daily Kos: Abandon ship? Best country for progressives to move to?
OK, if the Supremes strike down Obamacare, should we progressives just take our ball and go home? To a new home, that is, in a more sensible country?

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