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Romney gets tepid tea party support
Washington Times
By Ralph Z. Hallow THE WASHINGTON TIMES The organization that ignited the tea party as a national mass movement gave Mitt Romney perhaps his biggest victory yet, deciding to drop its opposition to his candidacy, a top executive in the group told The ...
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Washington Times
The Ryan Budget Proves the Tea Party's Power Is Here to Stay
The Atlantic
Well, the Republican-led House of Representives, the epicenter for Tea Party passions, doesn't seem very interested in who's going to be president at the moment. With the House set to engage in another vicious fight over today's new 2013 budget ...
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Tea party, labor unite over anti-protest bill
Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)
But Debbie Dooley, a national coordinator for Tea Party Patriots, said she feared that non-union forms of protest would be affected as well. This is a direct assault on free speech. We very strongly oppose this. This does not just affect labor unions…
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Tea Party-aligned Sen. Jim DeMint donates $500000 to Club for Growth super PAC
Huffington Post
By Michael Beckel, iWatch News In his quest to remake the Senate Republican caucus in his own image, Tea Party kingmaker Sen. Jim DeMint (RS.C.) has thrown some serious cash at a conservative super PAC that has attacked a Republican House member and ...
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Tea party backs veteran Illinois politician in House race
ROCKFORD, Ill. — Just two years ago, Adam Kinzinger was heralded as a national tea party darling — a young, handsome white knight who would charge Washington and contain it. Now, as a result of redistricting, the tea party is targeting the 34-year ...
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Tea Party Backs Veteran Over Freshman in Illinois House Race
By Dan Weil The tea party in Illinois is bucking tradition by backing longtime GOP Rep. Don Manzullo in his primary against freshman Rep. Adam Kinzinger. The two are facing off because of redistricting. Generally, tea partyers work for younger ...
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Tea Party Patriots Join Unions for Anti-picketing Fight
By David Alliot In a singular defining act of strange bedfellows, Atlanta Tea Party Patriots has joined with labor groups and civil rights activists to protest legislation put forth by state Sen. Don Balfour that restricts civil disobedience and ...
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Tea Party Questions Constitutionality Of GOP Bill Repealing 'Obamacare' Provision
Now conservative activists are after them for abandoning Tea Party principles at the same time. Caught in the middle of these related attacks is President Obama's Medicare cost-cutting panel — the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), ...
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Tea Party Governor is Backing Net Sales Tax Bill
National Journal
By Juliana Gruenwald Supporters of legislation that would require online retailers to collect sales taxes from customers in states where those firms have no store or other facility have some high-profile support from a leading Tea Party figure.
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Greg Mankiw's Blog: The sun shines on the Tea Party
By Greg Mankiw
The Tea Party came into prominence in a series of protests around the country on tax day, April 15, 2009. Sunny skies in some parts of the country encouraged large and boisterous rallies, while in other places rain suppressed the attendance.
Greg Mankiw's Blog
Time for the Tea party to fall in line and win this! | RedState
By thearmedforcesteaparty (Diary)
We need to shut out the self promoting Tea Party leaders and get on to winning behind Mitt Romney!
Tea Party Can Thank The Sun For Success
By The Huffington Post News Editors
Grassroots political movements such as the Tea Party are a mainstay of American society.
The Full Feed from HuffingtonPost.com
Mia Love | Tea Party Label | Record | The Daily Caller
By Alexis Levinson
Does Mia Love's record match her tea party label? | As city councilmember, Love voted for property tax increases as city ran deficits during the collapse of the housing market.
The Daily Caller
Tea Party and Unions Join Forces to Fight Anti-Picketing Law | Fox ...
By Happening Now
In an odd alliance, the Tea Party is joining forces with labor unions and environmentalists to fight a proposed law aimed at protesters. The case is out of Georgia, where a Republican senator has introduced a law that would allow police to ...
Fox News Insider

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