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The Tea Party Should Adore Mitt Romney, So Why the Cold Feet?
Daily Beast
Mitt Romney agrees with nearly everything the Tea Party claims to espouse. Jesse Singal wonders why the movement is so lukewarm to the likely GOP nominee. The Tea Party appears to be opening its arms to Mitt Romney, even while it holds its nose.
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Daily Beast
Marine with Tea Party page outspoken despite possible dismissal
By JULIE WATSON / The Associated Press SAN DIEGO – A Camp Pendleton Marine facing dismissal for running a Facebook page called Armed Forces Tea Party that criticizes the Obama administration is still speaking out but has been getting little support ...
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How the Tea Party nominated Mitt Romney
Washington Post (blog)
And as a result, Thune (and Daniels, and Barbour, and others) never got into the race all the way, and Pawlenty dropped out in the summer, and Santorum never had the resources to compete. And that's how the Tea Party nominated Mitt Romney.
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Gas Party, Not Tea Party, Might Be Obama's Top Re-election Hurdle
Investor's Business Daily
By JT YOUNG Posted 05:32 PM ET Not high finance, but high gas may prove President Obama's economic undoing. Largely escaping blame for the weak economy brought on by the financial sector's collapse, his administration now faces a relatively simple, ...
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FreedomWorks: Fight Against Orrin Hatch, For Tea Party Senate Goes On
Huffington Post
WASHINGTON -- A Tea Party group, under fire for its work in the Utah Republican Senate caucuses last week, is pledging to continue fighting to oust Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and to play a role in other Senate races. Washington-based FreedomWorks for ...
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Tea Party patriarch backs Romney
Washington: Jim DeMint, the patriarch of the Tea Party movement, has thrown his weight behind Mitt Romney in a sign that Republicans might be beginning to unite around a single candidate after months of infighting. While stopping short of endorsing Mr ...
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Tea Party activist Marine Gary Stein might be discharged for bashing Obama on ...
By wendyzachary A tea party activist, Marine Gary Stein says he may be forced to give up his nine-year long position with the Marine Corps for raising finger on President Obama's authority while bashing him on his Facebook page.
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Georgia Tea Party Activists Allied With Unions in Fighting Anti ...
By (Jack Kenny )
Georgia Tea Party activists have joined with labor unions in opposing an anti-picketing bill. by Jack Kenny.
U.S. News
Daily Kos: Tea party opposes Georgia anti-picketing bill
By (Laura Clawson)
Here's one way to know an anti-union bill has gone too far: when it draws the opposition of not just a local sheriff and Martin Luther King III, but of tea partiers. That is the case with Georgia's SB 469, which would impose large fines on various ...
The Real Mitt Romney: He's no conservative - Tea Party Nation
Will the real Mitt Romney please step forward. We know who the real Mitt Romney is. He is the liberal who ran Massachusetts as a liberal. He even says…
Latest Activity on Tea Party Nation
The Tea Party's Divine Meteorological Boost - The Dish | By Andrew ...
By Andrew Sullivan
Their research demonstrates that in politics, success begets success. The initial boost from the weather generated substantial momentum. Counties that enjoyed better weather on tax day had more people sign up to become Tea Party ...
The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan

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