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Rush Limbaugh 'slut' remark: A sign of what's wrong with US politics
It suggests that there is someting very wrong with American political spin. On his radio show of March 2, 2012, Rush Limbaugh said of a Georgetown University law student: "Sandra Fluke who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says that ...
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As Stars Rally for Candidate, Rival Objects
New York Times
BOSTON — Elizabeth Warren may be running for the United States Senate in Massachusetts, but her campaign is getting deep support 3000 miles away in California, where the other day, Cher was speaking glowingly of Ms. Warren's candidacy.
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New York Times
Amid Calls to Quit, Gingrich Seems More Subdued
New York Times
Mr. Gingrich, alternately rotating in early "American Bandstand" style and twirling his wife, Callista, unwound for an hour or so after a long day on the campaign trail. They danced to "All My Loving" by the Beatles, "California Girls" by the Beach ...
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New York Times
A political tip sheet for the rest of us
By Michele Salcedo AP / March 8, 2012 THE FAT LADY HASN'T EVEN WARMED UP: The contests are far from over, but at this rate of gathering delegates, Mitt Romney's rivals won't catch him unless they pull off an unlikely fight at the Republican National ...
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No lessons learned from Japan's nuclear disaster in US politics
This is mind-boggling, on the first anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, with the chair of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission warning that lessons from Fukushima have not been implemented in this country.
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Democrats Are Warming to Obama Connection
New York Times
This month, Mr. Obama's pivot into an "all of the above" energy policy platform, one more or less lifted from the Republicans' 2008 campaign, is something moderate Democrats, many of whom support things like the proposed Keystone XL pipeline that Mr.
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New York Times
Reluctant US Prepares Military Options for Syria: Officials want 'diplomatic ...
Chicago Tribune
Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said the Obama administration will continue its policy of invoking "diplomatic and political approaches rather than a military intervention." Panetta announced Washington is ready to provide $10 million in humanitarian ...
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For Obama, foreign policy appears to be a strength
Boston Herald
Mitt Romney called Obama "America's most feckless president since Carter" and argued that he did not have an effective policy to deter Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. The criticism speaks to what GOP analysts say are Obama's vulnerabilities ...
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Romney clinches key state of Ohio on Super Tuesday US politics
Republican White House hopeful Mitt Romney squeezed out a win in the key Ohio primary on ...
Live: Republicans vote in 'Super Tuesday' primary races - US ...
FRANCE 24 latest world news report Live: Republicans vote in 'Super Tuesday' primary races - US POLITICS - FRANCE 24. TOP STORIES · FRANCE · AFRICA ...

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