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Save American politics: Kill the primary
Washington Post
By now, you've probably heard of Americans Elect, the political-reform group funded by a collection of Wall Street executives (some of whom remain anonymous) who hope to field a bipartisan presidential ticket in 2012. Americans Elect has been amply, ...
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Meghan McCain talks sex and politics in Playboy
McCain reserves her most withering criticism for President Barack Obama and the current Republican primary race, but says talk of politics on a date is boring. As a sometime darling of the paparazzi, McCain has been the most high-profile child of US ...
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US puts best face on Afghan policy under question
York Daily Record
The announcements from Afghanistan on Thursday struck at both elements of the twin-track US exit strategy, which calls for a gradual transfer of security authority to Afghan forces and US talks with Taliban insurgents as a seed for larger political ...
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Romney Campaign Spars With Santorum in Midwest on Qualifications
He argued that the other Republican candidates -- Santorum, a former Pennsylvania senator, former US House Speaker Newt Gingrich and US Representative Ron Paul of Texas -- should be ruled out by voters because they have spent time in Congress.
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Price of Gas Matters to Voters, but Doesn't Seem to Sway Votes
New York Times
... stamped more frequently on the American landscape than the price of gas. And as the average price has climbed toward $4 a gallon nationwide, it has generated abundant chatter about the threat to the economic recovery, and to incumbent politicians.
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New York Times
Romney's "island strategy" pays off in delegate race
Chicago Tribune
The campaign made a decision last year to include the islands in its overall plan, said Rich Beeson, Romney's political director. AMERICAN SAMOA MAKES A DIFFERENCE Using American Samoa's results for Tuesday night as an example, Beeson noted that the ...
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In US presidential race, veteran political commentator finds fault with both sides
Though he is reporting on a US presidential election campaign for the 10th time, political commentator Joe Klein maintains his passion and indignation. The Republicans, he says, have produced a cultish 'spectacle,' but Obama is far from a shoo-in.
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In Missouri, the GOP Fight for Delegates Enters Round 2 (Post-Beauty Contest)
New York Times
He's one of us," said Duane Leimkuehler, 53, a farmer of corn, wheat and soybeans. He was elected as a delegate and said that he would represent his county proudly at the district and state conventions, He also said he was focused on defeating ...
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US wants Iraq to shut airspace to any Iranian flights ferrying arms to Assad ...
Washington Post
She said Iranian cargo flights are crossing Iraq and that the US is worried about possible weapons shipments. "Any arms sent to the Syrian regime at this time would obviously be used in the brutal repression that the regime is exacting on its own ...
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Uygur leads assault on Iran war-- U.S. policy is being 'dictated' by ...
By Susie Kneedler
Leaving MSNBC for Current TV, Cenk Uygur is leading the criticism of calls for war on Iran.

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US Politics Betting: Santorum sweeps the South : US Politics : Politics
The battle for the Republic nomination is now a two-man fight after more victories for Rick Santorum leave Newt Gingrich out of the race...
Sarah Palin's foolishness ruined U.S. politics - Digg
At some point while watching HBO's absolutely smashing (and terrifying) movie " Game Change," it occurred to me that Sarah Palin has ruined America.
Today's Political Cartoons | March 13, 2012 - U.S. News & World ...
March 13, 2012. Gary Markstein-Creators Syndicate. Clay Jones-Creators Syndicate. Marshall Ramsey-Creators Syndicate. Chan Lowe-Tribune Media Services ...

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