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Supreme Court Has Made Ugly U.S. Politics Even Uglier
U.S. News & World Report (blog)
The Supreme Court has done the impossible by making American politics even worse than it already was. The bomb that the court dropped on campaigns was the infamous Citizens United decision. This year the court will decide two cases that will have an ...
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US politics puts Etch A Sketch back
The makers of Etch A Sketch are sending a big box of the mechanical drawing toys to the US presidential campaigns to say thanks for the publicity. It all started when Republican Mitt Romney's strategist likened his campaign to an Etch A Sketch.
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Insider Trading Ban for Lawmakers Clears Congress
New York Times
Under the bill, the comptroller general of the United States will conduct a one-year study of "political intelligence and the extent to which investors rely on such information." The three no votes were cast by Senators Richard M. Burr of North ...
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The Electoral Math of Romney's Stance on Trade With China
New York Times
Some other business-friendly Republicans warn that his approach could set off a counterproductive trade war that would damage the United States economy. The political question is whether Mr. Romney's stance can attract enough votes to give him the ...
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The Selling of a Politician, and the Ads Almost Broadcast
New York Times
"I've always said if we could have swung 500 votes in the Florida Panhandle with this thing, Al Gore would be president of the United States," Mr. Putnam said. Tremendous amounts of research can go into making and refining political ads.
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New York Times
In Oklahoma, Obama Declares Pipeline Support
New York Times
"Unfortunately, Congress decided they wanted their own timeline — not the company, not the experts, but members of Congress who decided this might be a fun political issue," Mr. Obama told an invited audience of about 200 people.
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New York Times
US intel assessment says water scarcity, floods a source of instability in ...
Washington Post
The report predicts that upstream nations — more powerful than their downstream neighbors due to geography — will limit access to water for political reasons and that countries will regulate internal supplies to suppress separatist movements and ...
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Romney rivals draw on "Etch A Sketch" line, toy sales soar
Chicago Tribune
(Reuters) - Mitt Romney's presidential hopes may have been shaken up when an aide compared his campaign to an "Etch A Sketch" toy, but the publicity blitz has been a delightful surprise for the US makers of the well-known erasable children's art tablet ...
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House GOP Budget Riles Some on the Right, and Democrats See a Campaign Issue
New York Times
WASHINGTON — House Republicans pressed forward on Wednesday with a politically freighted budget and tax plan, taking fire from the left and the right, as well as from the powerful senior citizens lobby, AARP, which said the plan "lacks balance" and ...
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In U.S., a growing unease at mixing politics with prayer | FaithWorld
By Reuters Staff
Americans are increasingly uneasy with the mingling of religion and politics, according to a poll by the Pew Research Center, in the midst of a campaign season punctuated by tussles over the role of faith in the public square.
Wisconsin, Midwest Lag in Presidential Endorsements from US ...
By Eric Ostermeier
A Smart Politics review of endorsements by U.S. Representatives in the race for the Republican presidential nomination finds Wisconsin has the largest remaining GOP delegation which has yet to formally back a candidate, and that ...
Smart Politics
Bill Moyers reminds us how dysfunctional American politics have ...
By thereisnospoon
Bill Moyers reminds us how dysfunctional American politics have become by David Atkins Bill Moyers is still going strong, and still a national treasure. My local NPR station just re-aired this amazing hour-long segment on the how the big banks ...
Trust Us: The DISCLOSE Act, Part II - Center for Competitive Politics
By Brad Smith
Trust Us: The DISCLOSE Act, Part II. Published on March 22, 2012. Brad Smith. Share: The campaign finance regulatory community, always willing to join hands with Congress's most partisan machine politicians, is giddy this morning with the ...
Center for Competitive Politics

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EA WorldView - Home - US Politics Opinion: PACs, SuperPACs, and ...
Date Monday, March 19, 2012 at 7:37 | Author John Matlin in Category EA USA, Category US Politics. If you ask most British voters what they think of the amount ...
US politics puts Etch A Sketch back in the picture - Taiwan News ...
Voice of the People, Bridge to the World - US politics puts Etch A Sketch back in the picture.
U.S. News - Pew survey: Americans think politicians are ... - Reddit
For non-U.S. politics and news please consider r/WorldPolitics or .... Jews are actually over represented in Congress as a percentage of the U.S. population.

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