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Questions and answers about the World Bank and its leadership
Washington Post
A: Part of the reason is that by nominating an Asian-born development expert, rather than an American-born US political figure, the White House may take some of the sting out of its effort to keep an American in the top spot. In announcing his choice, ...
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American Id-eology
Washington Post
Although the discussion was aimed at politics, the question can't be considered without also contemplating the broader culture. Conveniently, the Vegas Strip provides an apt metaphor for both the culture and the political medium. Call it the American ...
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Political gaffe revives U.S. love affair with Etch A Sketch
Mother Nature Network
Sales of the red-framed, dual-dial doodling device rocketed Thursday after a key adviser to the front-running Republican presidential hopeful reinvented it as an unlikely political metaphor. "It's certainly unexpected. It comes from an area that we ...
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Mother Nature Network
Mormonism in American politics
But this is not the first time a Mormon candidate has been politically hamstrung by his faith, a Mormon apostle named Reed Smoot faced similar challenges between the years 1903-07 after elected to the US Senate by the Utah State Legislature in 1903.
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Race in America: We Are No More "Post-Racial" Than We Are "Post-Partisan"
Huffington Post
When someone lives as a minority, they experience the world differently than those of us who live in the majority. We may occupy the same physical space, but we don't occupy the same psychic space. I think it's important to look at the issue through ...
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Obama's health care law remains huge political issue
Boston Herald
And the White House is working overtime to sell the American people on the law, before it's too late. It may still turn into a political triumph. Republicans, in fact, fear that if left intact, the law could take hold in the American psyche over the ...
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Obama nominates Dartmouth professor, doctor for World Bank president
Fox News
The World Bank opening put Obama in the awkward position of choosing between his desire to be seen as a supporter of rising economic powers and the pressures of a political year in which support for a non-US candidate could have opened him to criticism ...
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Fox News
House reviewing ethics complaint alleging US Rep. Berkley tried to help ...
Washington Post
"The people of Nevada deserve someone in the United States Senate who they can trust to work on their behalf and not someone like Shelley Berkley who puts her own financial and political interests first," said Brian Walsh, communications director for ...
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Pushing for Post-Partisan Political Parties: A Personal Vision
Huffington Post (blog)
Jews have contributed mightily to America and indeed even now there are outstanding Jewish members of Congress on both sides of the aisle. But beyond politicians who are Jewish, we need political voices that are Jewish, that bring Jewish wisdom, ...
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Trayvon Martin …and Us (Part III) - Jack & Jill Politics
By Lee Haven
A black bourgeoisie perspective on U.S. politics. Home · Contact ... I certainly don't see any chains on us, and we can sit anywhere on the bus. Hey, we have a ... That was taken from us through colonization, slavery, exploitation. We fought, but ...
Jack & Jill Politics
Democrat challenges Kevin Raye's petitions for U.S. House seat ...
By The Associated Press
PORTLAND, Maine — The 10-candidate field for U.S. Senate is set for the June 12 primary after no one decided to challenge petitions filed by six Republicans and four Democrats seeking to get on the ballot, but Democrats are trying to knock ...
Bangor Daily News
The Realist Prism: Obama Faces Perilous ... - World Politics Review
By (Nikolas Gvosdev)
Of course, July is an inconvenient moment in terms of the U.S. political calendar, so it is likely that the administration would argue that draconian new sanctions adopted by Europe and some other U.S. allies ought to be given more time to take ...
World Politics Review: Articles

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How Do You Defeat An Incumbent President? us-politics – Outside ...
us-politics. Back to the Article. About Doug Mataconis Doug is an attorney in private practice in Northern Virginia. He holds a B.A. in Political Science from ...
In U.S., a growing unease at mixing politics with prayer | Reuters
(Reuters) - Americans are increasingly uneasy with the mingling of religion and politics, according to a poll released Wednesday by the Pew Research Center, ...

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