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View from abroad: US facing woes, but still No. 1
Trenin, director of the Carnegie Moscow Center, predicted the US will nonetheless remain pre-eminent for decades, yet questioned the ability of America's political elite to interpret and respond wisely to global developments.
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Parallels between Rome and U.S. politics
Philadelphia Inquirer
With the 2012 campaign season underway, politics in the United States appears to no longer be about what's best for the country. "It's about 'Who is right?'," Barron said, "because no one is willing to consider that there is more than one way to ...
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Officials: Bales may have carried out separate Afghan killings
Washington Post
The two American officials who disclosed the investigators' finding spoke on condition of anonymity because the politically sensitive probe is ongoing. Many details about the killings, including a possible motive, have not been made public.
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A political tip sheet for the rest of us
Sacramento Bee
Even Republican voters who are usually interested in politics say they don't care about the primary. Few candidates have campaigned in the state, and only Mitt Romney's super PAC has run ads. Calista Gingrich, a native daughter of the state, ...
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GOP field quick to criticize Obama on Afghanistan, but have few policy plans ...
Washington Post
WASHINGTON — As Afghanistan seizes more of the political spotlight, the Republican presidential candidates are quick to criticize President Barack Obama's handling of the war but struggle to explain how they would change the strategy they would ...
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Cheney Recovering After Getting a New Heart
New York Times
In June 2010, 3153 patients were on the waiting list for a heart transplant, and 80 were awaiting a heart-lung transplant, the American Heart Association's journal Circulation reported last year. Patients on the list generally have to be ready to rush ...
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New York Times
Groups Blanket Supreme Court on Health Care
New York Times
WASHINGTON — Justice Clarence Thomas likens all the outside political pressure that the Supreme Court is facing over its review of the Obama administration's sweeping health care law to the distraction faced by a free-throw shooter confronted with ...
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New York Times
Santorum Gets a Boost in Winning Louisiana
New York Times
Mr. Romney's win last week in Illinois, as well as his subsequent endorsement by Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida, dimmed Mr. Santorum's political prospects, although his victory in Louisiana showed how he could still complicate Mr. Romney's ...
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New York Times
Nigeria: Politics of the World Bank Presidency
The choice had always come from among top politicians or leaders in the business and financial sectors. Dr Kim has no business or financial background. Traditionally, the United States selects one of its citizens for the World Bank presidency while ...
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Republicans offer few details on Afghanistan plans
Mitt Romney speaks at a campaign stop at an American Legion post in Arbutus, Md., Wednesday, March 21, 2012. (AP Photo/Steven Senne) By Julie Pace Associated Press / March 24, 2012 WASHINGTON—As Afghanistan seizes more of the political spotlight, ...
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US Politics | AMERICAblog News: SEC sues Wells Fargo for ...
By Chris in Paris
Things must be ugly if the bank has ignored multiple requests for information about mortgage backed securities that went bad. How is it that the banks can even get this far along without responding to the SEC? They certainly enjoy a privileged ...
US Politics | AMERICAblog News
Maine Republican Party plans forums for U.S. Senate candidates ...
By The Associated Press
AUGUSTA, Maine — The Maine Republican Party has scheduled a series of public forums in April and May featuring the party's U.S. Senate candidates. The party said it is planning nine forums around the state to give people a chance to hear ...
Bangor Daily News
Lawmakers, US agency favor Hatch Act changes
Lawmakers, US agency favor Hatch Act changes - Jon Greiner's election to the Utah Senate caused his firing.
Politics & Government
The Three Political Parties Of America | The Daily Capitalist
By Robin Koerner
There are three political parties in the United States today, and they are all fielding candidates for the presidency. The parties are the Republicrats, the Scared Religionists, and the Freedom and Peace Party. By far the largest party is the ...
The Daily Capitalist
Dowling Catholic grad nominated by Obama for U.S. attorney's post ...
By Des Moines Register
Dowling Catholic grad nominated by Obama for U.S. attorney's post in Arizona. POSTED 03.24.2012 ON Des Moines Register. John S. Leonardo, a Des Moines native and 1965 graduate of Dowling Catholic High School, was nominated by ...
Politics in Stereo

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SATURDAY EXTRA: U.S. POLITICS. Published March 24, 2012 Anno Domini. How GOP got Catholicized – Timothy Stanley, CNN/Election Center ...
Spare us politicians who lecture us about morality | Mail Online
SIMON HEFFER: The truth is that ministers such as George Osborne should have the humility to admit the fact that they are collectively guilty of making some ...

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