Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday's Daily Brief

Tuesday, March 13, 2012
Joe Biden: GOP Super PACs Will Raise $200 Million To $800 Million
Fluke Says Limbaugh's Attempts To Silence Women Have 'Clearly Failed'
Mitt Romney Notes NFL Team Owner Friendships In Peyton Manning Remarks
Rebekah Brooks, Husband Arrested
#STOPKONY Creators Respond
Marlo Thomas: Women's History Month: Closing the Ambition Gap
March is Women's History Month, and I'm being asked the same question -- a lot: "Whatever happened to the women's movement? Where are the feminist freedom fighters today?" The truth is, today's leaders are all around us.
Robert Reich: The Widening Wealth Divide, and Why We Need a Surtax on the Super Wealthy
Let Santorum and Romney duke it out for who will cut taxes on the wealthy the most and shred the public services everyone else depends on.The rest of us ought to be having a serious discussion about a wealth tax.
Abby Huntsman Livingston: The Gingrich Dilemma
Newt Gingrich remaining in the race benefits the party. He provides ideas, personality, and an excitement that energizes a fractured base. Most importantly, his presence in the race perpetuates the divide of the conservative vote.
Rev. Jesse Jackson: We Have to Choose What Kind of a People We Are
We can't simply tell a young generation that the American Dream is a nightmare for them. We can't have a prosperous economy if the middle class is sinking. We will not long be a democracy if the wealthiest pocket the rewards and check out of building the nation.
Bernard-Henri Lévy: In Afghanistan, Between Plague and Cholera, There's Dr. Abdullah
Admit that Afghanistan cannot be reduced to a desperate confrontation between the Taliban and Karzai's regime. The democratic opposition to both of them -- Abdullah Abdullah -- who, during the blatantly fraudulent elections of 2009, managed nonetheless to garner over 30% of the ballots cast.

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