Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday's Daily Brief

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
Syria Accepts Kofi Annan's Peace Plan
TODAY: Supreme Court Weighs Main Health Care Reform Case
WATCH: George Zimmerman's Lawyer Reportedly Flees MSNBC Interview
U.S. Ranks 5th On Global Execution Scale
BP Oil Spill 'Definitively' Linked To Gulf Coral Death
Robert Reich: Health Care Jujitsu
With a bit of political jujitsu, the president could turn any defeat handed to him by the Supreme Court in the Affordable Care Act case into a victory for a single-payer healthcare system -- Medicare for all. Here's how.
Anne Sinclair: Will the Events in Toulouse Represent a Turning Point in French Politics?
How might this tragedy affect the upcoming presidential election? The question is now whether the cursor of the presidential campaign has moved permanently (or only temporarily) from unemployment and economic issues to security, an issue that is always a handicap to the left.
Keli Goff: The Gift That Trayvon Gave All of Us
Much like Emmett Till's racially charged murder in 1955 at the age of fourteen forced our country to finally confront the brutality of Jim Crow, my hope is that Trayvon's death will spark long overdue outrage and ultimately, a movement against, the subtle racism known as profiling.
Eliot Spitzer: Designing a Blueprint for Accountability
Simply passing a bill designed by the Chamber of Commerce and the banks is a cheap move to appease donors and those whose economic theories have been proven wrong at every turn over the past several decades. But that is, unfortunately, what we have come to expect.
Abby Huntsman: We Need More Heels Running Around Capitol Hill
Today, as women represent more than 50 percent of the population, and after more than 90 years of having the right to vote, why are we not seeing an increasing number of women in politics, either running for office or in policy making?

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