Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday's Daily Brief

Wednesday, March 28, 2012
Mitch McConnell's Do-Nothing Health Care Approach
Mega Millions Jackpot Hits Record
House GOP Blocks Facebook Password Protection Measure
Special Prosecutor: Police Wanted Warrant In Trayvon Case
JetBlue Passengers Recount Scare After Pilot Outburst
Paul Rieckhoff: 26 Vets vs. 12,000 Lobbyists? It's Time to Level the Playing Field
For over a decade, our vets have been leading the way overseas. It's about time we welcome them back with jobs so they can lead the way at home. Because really, if we can't support the folks we ask to fight and die for our country, then it's about time for a national gut-check.
Evan Shapiro: How Trayvon Martin Became a Missing White Girl
When a young white girl goes missing in America, it immediately becomes a national story. However, when a young black person is killed or goes missing in America, very few people outside their family hear about it.
Bianca Bosker: Debunking the Big Gang Theory: Why Facebook and Others Suffer From Being Big
Social media services suffer from their success in a way other tech companies do not. And nowhere is the Big Gang problem more obvious than on Facebook, the web's largest and most sprawling social network.
Dean Baker: White House Burning: Putting Out the Wrong Fire
Given their heroic role in the financial reform debate, I am not anxious to criticize Johnson and Kwak's new book, White House Burning. But there are some important areas of difference that deserve attention.
George Hobica: Confessions Of An Airline Club Lounge Bartender
We ask a couple airline club bartenders about their work in our continuing series interviewing airline industry employees.

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