Friday, April 20, 2012

10 Weeks Out and Getting Stronger!

It's 10 weeks out from the first contest of the 2011 season, the FLEX Pro!! This has been the best week of training yet. Every workout was pushing new limits. My strength continues to go up, and Charles Glass and I are really seeing eye to eye on every aspect of every workout. Loving it! I am particularly seeing great benefits in my bicep training and my overall back development. The man is truly the master when it comes to finding what needs to be corrected and finding the right exercises and angles to do it. The one thing I enjoyed about this week was the meshing together of the "Glass Style" workouts and the "Pak Style" workouts. Nothing is more rewarding to me than leaving that gym knowing that I got my ass kicked and am primed for growth! Current training split: Day 1- am: back pm: hamstrings Day 2- am: Chest pm : Biceps Day 3- Quads Day 4- Shoulders Day 5- Back (and hamstrings at night every other week) Day 6-Arms Depending on the week, I may do 6 days in a row. Some weeks I may take a day off in the middle (after legs), depending on how I feel. If I do take the day off mid week, arms would then come after the off day and shoulders get pushed back. That's it for now, time to eat and grow!

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