Saturday, April 28, 2012

Are Field Days and Fitness Games Just For Kids?

Many of today's fitness boot camps take themselves too seriously, making the process of getting in shape a tedious chore.

Recently I was at an elementary school's end of school year "Sports Day" and had the chance to see a bunch of kids burning tons of calories while having fun.

Did they know they were, in effect, exercising?

Probably not, but that didn't mistake the fact that they were.

I started noticing the conversations all around me, people talking about how much fun they used to have when they were in grade school participating in their "Sports Day" or "Field Day".

It got me thinking about how predictable some fitness bootcamps, group exercise classes and sports program workouts can be when they don't have to be.

I sidled up to the gym teacher, Mr. Willows, in order to ask him about the exercises.

He told me that setting up these fitness games was the "highlight of his school year" and that, because he needed to go through the exercises as well, he "never felt more in shape".

I asked him which fitness games were his favorites and began mentally planning my next fitness boot camp class around them.

By the way, you've probably heard of corporate team building, which is typically known as a Japanese practice.

Large companies organize group events in order to promote a feeling of trust and solidarity between employees.

 Well, it's not unheard of for these companies to start a "Sports Day" or "Field Day" of their own.

 How about you, would your fitness boot camp or group fitness class benefit by having a 3 or 4 time per year "Sports Day"?

 (Think of the press release fun you could have with that one!)

 The first thing to consider when setting up your own circuit for a "Sports Day" is what will work with the space that you have.

 I know some fitness boot camps are strictly indoors, and for those – you should consider using both outdoor space (parking lot, nearby field, park) as well as your indoor space.

 Begin by selecting which track and field exercises you'd like to implement, such as long-jump, mini hurdles (use 3 or 4 cones set side by side), or the 100 yard dash.  

Of course you have to have the potato sack race, the tug of war and some of the fitness games from my eBook, "Fitness Games".

 If you plan on making "Sports Day" a regular part of your program, there is no need to do too many activities at once.

 Leave your clients wanting more.

 Fitness games such as the medicine ball shot-put, egg race and an obstacle course are also good ones to consider. Not only are they fun, but you can tailor them to incorporate weights and set time limits too.

 Before you know it, the class will be over, the circuit done and the sweet smell of calories burning is all around.

 You'll find that everyone is happy and laughing and that they were able to use muscles for fun as opposed to work.

 I guarantee that the "Sports Day" or "Field Day" theme will be a hit with anyone who gets bored easily and likes to have fun with his or her workout.  

With summer here and school recently out, it's a perfect time to utilize a "Field Day" theme with your bootcamp or sports program.

 Heck, you could even approach some local businesses and have them consider hiring you to put on a "Sports Day" at their place of business. 

This could lead to more opportunity and business for you and, at the same time; help get more people active in your community.

 Sounds pretty simple to me!

 Speaking of simple if you're at a loss for fitness activities and need to ratchet up the fun factor in your boot camps, check out the 35 plus games that you can simply plug in to your existing fitness boot camp or exercise classes right away.

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