Friday, April 27, 2012

Beatty’s BeautyWorks

Betty and her beauty salon have been legend and landmark in our little town for as long as woman ever can remember. Nothin' is "a proper occasion" without a visit to Betty for the magic touch of her gifted "beauty fingers," and the local ladies get their nails done just as regular as clockwork. "Cheaper 'n therapy," Betty chuckles, "and it lasts two weeks," she laughs out loud. Betty is one smart business woman, too. She understands that her customers' loyalty is everything to her. So, when they call-in for appointments, Betty uses her reverse telephone look-up service, getting accurate information about their names and addresses, and she builds a database of all her customers' favorite styles and colors. Every now and then, Betty sends a note or a card; often, she sends out coupons, inviting the ladies to try a facial or a good eyebrow wax. When Betty hasn't seen a customer in a little while, she'll give the little lady a call, just a "Howdy, how ya doin'?" suggesting a new "do" might be just the thing for a little pick-me-up. Come prom time and wedding season, because she has her customers' addresses saved from looking them up on the reverse call look-up, Betty sends-out a boatload of cards and e-mails, reminding all the girls to schedule early for their up-do's and such. Come a week or so before the big prom, she sends out little reminders to the girls who have booked their times for hair, nails, and make-up. With just a customer's telephone number, Betty gets all the tools she needs for staying in touch with all the loyal ladies—address, e-mail, cell phone, home phone, the works. And when Betty stays in touch with the women, the women keep coming back to Betty and her salon.  

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