Monday, April 30, 2012

The Best and Worst of the Happy Aquarium Guide Rush

I've seen a lot of new games hit the Facebook megasphere and they all have something in common – if they're big enough, a couple dozen guides follow right behind them. Well, the newest culprit is Happy Aquarium and right now there are a good number of guides hitting the market trying to capitalize on the rabid hunger for information about this game. Unfortunately, for anyone out there who is interested in finding the one perfect guide, it can be hard narrowing them all down to just one good selection.
That's where I come in. I'm always fond of reading through these kinds of things and learning new tricks, so I've been writing the guide authors, checking their strategies, and picking up each guide to see how well each one performs. It turns out that they are all fairly good – at least on a basic level – but there is only one guide that goes above and beyond those basic essentials and provides the information every good player needs to have.
It's called Happy Aquarium Secrets and it's written by none other than Tony Sanders – the mega genius behind the FarmVille and Café World guides out there that have been so popular. It's no surprise that this guy's guides are so good either – he clearly spends a lot of time and energy going through each one and making sure that they are as well represented as possible.
He covers basic stuff for sure, but the key here is that they contains as many advanced strategies, formulas, and numerical calculations as possible to make it easy for players who may not understand the intimate aspects of this game to choose the right fish and balance their tanks on the way to level 42 and beyond. In short, if you need a good guide for Happy Aquarium, then you should really check out Happy Aquarium Secrets – it goes above and beyond what I would have expected.

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