Thursday, April 12, 2012

BF3 Dominator – The Best Battlefield 3 Guide Is Here

If you are looking for a good guide to Battlefield 3 then you need to check out BF3 Dominator! This guide claims to take you from a noob to a pro fast as it gives you the strategies that you will need to start winning.
The game is focused on teamwork and that means that you need to know your classes well and make sure you stay up to date with the maps and the strategies being used so you don't get left behind.
Another thing that you will need to know how to do if you want to be the best at the FPS game is make sure you know how to use and customise your weapons.
You can do this by obviously searching around the web for information however we suggest if you want to start dominating the game and make sure you don't get left behind that you check out BF3 Dominator.
You will have a complete guide to the game and it even features HD videos as well as written guides so you will actually see the tactics on the maps that you can use and start working your way up the leaderboards.
If you feel that you are getting "owned" online and shouted at all of the time for messing up your team then check out the full BF3 Dominator guide through the link below and start dominating:


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