Saturday, April 7, 2012

Choosing the Right Pictures

When creating collages, you need to start off with the right images.Go through your options and choose images that focus on your subject.These are the pictures that will make up the foreground of your collage. Then look through and find images not necessarily of your subject but that compliment it well. An example would be if you were doing a collage of your daughter's first birthday, you would want several close-ups of just her and a couple that show the cake table, the gift table and maybe even balloons.

Cropping the Images

The next step is cropping the images.This takes practice.Photoshop has some amazing tools to pick object right out of photos such as the Magnetic Lasso tool.Experiment with that and with masking.You should be able to grab a couple of good objects to combine with your background images.

Blending Techniques

To make an eye-catching collage using Photoshop, you need to be able to use blending techniques.Layer the objects you have chosen in the Layers palette.After all the images are in position, you need to start blending them to give a complete and blended image.You can use opacity, the Brush tool, the Eraser tool, and drop shadows to get the effect you wish.Remember that dimension can add a new look to reused images.

Bordering Your Collage

Next you will want to add something special to your collage relating to the subject matter.Create a border or photo frame to add the perfect touch.

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