Sunday, April 8, 2012


The  concept of free energy from resources, is hardly a recent innovation or development. Believe it or not, a device to harness free energy was developed more than a century ago. The inventor was none other than Nicole Tesla, considered by many as the father of electricity. In 1899, at Shoreham, Long Island, Tesla constructed a huge magnifying transmitter, a device that could convert radiant energy always present in the atmosphere to electrical energy. However, his revolutionary invention did not receive the publicity it deserved, and remains in obscurity even today, because of several reasons.

For the funding of his huge project, Tesla needed the help of an investor, J. P. Morgan. Tesla tried to keep the entire implication of his device from his investor, but in the end was forced to reveal the full possibilities of the magnifying transmitter. Instead of being elated by this invention, the investor feared the huge downward impact it would have on electrical companies, and refused further funding of the project. He even went to the extent of lobbying other investors to prevent them lending money to Tesla.
Tesla's laboratory was burned to the ground, though there was no evidence leading to the investor for this act. And eventually, Tesla's dream of 'Free energy for All' suffered a very premature end.

 Or did it? True enough, the magnifying transmitter did not receive the expected interest and popularity. People, to this day, rely on hydroelectric and fuel based power plants for their electricity requirements. But Tesla's ideas did transcend to a number of enthusiasts all over the world who kept working tirelessly on the concept of free energy over the years. And over the course of a century, several efficient and reliable equipments have been constructed that enable the conversion of energy from free resources to electrical energy.

Free Energy systems developed with deep knowledge and intense care are available. Such systems can be easily set up in your home, with very little expertise. Once set up, they provide for your energy requirements for years and years. You won't have to pay hefty electricity bills anymore!


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