Sunday, April 8, 2012

Do You Look The Way You Eat?

A a lot of women seem to shell out tons of cash on the newest creams and lotions, hoping to give them that glimmer or glow that they are looking for. There is something these people are unaware of – if they were to eat more healthily, they'd have this glow naturally. In fact, healthy eating is the key to feeling good and looking younger. If your body is healthy on the inside, it will look good naturally on the outside. Then there's plenty of money to be saved on creams and lotions.

If you ask any beautiful woman what her secret is to having such an attractive glow and healthy skin, more often that not it is because of the healthy foods they eat, not the creams they use. So if you want to have healthy skin, look young and feel good, the solution is simple – change your diet.

You may find it hard to stick to a diet if you have such a hectic schedule, but ask yourself this: if your lifestyle is so hectic, how are you going to feel good and be healthy? You need to make the time to eat meals every day; food should be your top priority.

Start off by making enough time to eat breakfast every day. Cereal is a simple, quick and easy breakfast to eat if you don't have much time. A glass of juice on top of this would make for a very simple yet very healthy way to start the day.

If you want to look your best, you will have to learn to love veggies. Leafy vegetables and salads will provide you with an abundance of vitamins that you need for healthy skin, and will also give you more energy, making you look more vibrant. One of the best healthy diets for your skin is called The Lunch Box Diet – voted 'the best diet' by top fashion magazine Elle, the diet reports your skin will feel different in just 7 days. Click here to find out more.

Try to include a lot of fish in your diet, as fish contains Omega-3 fatty acids. Also, fruits and lean meats are essential, and beans, nuts and eggs are advised as they supply a good source of protein. Eat low fat foods, but don't cut out the fats all together – you need some to aid your body's development.

Think of this way – you look like what you eat. If you eat only healthy and vitamin-filled foods, you will look attractive and youthful on the outside, but if you eat junk food all day long… well, don't expect many men to be asking for your number any time soon.

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