Sunday, April 15, 2012

Do You Really Need A CityVille Guide

I love social networking games. Games like Farmville and Frontierville gets me glued to my computer for at least 5 hours a day. But none of these games got me so crazily looked on it like CityVille. I was even playing the game in my office! I have to admit, it was a struggle to progress through the game after a while.

Many people are making it through the high levels in a matter of hours! I was curious to know their secret and after chatting up a kind fellow, he told me that all he had done was to follow simple steps taught by gaming guru Tony 'T Dub' Sanders in his guide CityVille Secrets. With it, he told me that it was stupidly simple to level up in a matter of hours. According to him, it helped him make it from level 20-26 in 3 days! So I picked up a copy of CityVille Secrets and was pleasantly surprised by the tips I found in it.

You wouldn't think there were so many ways you could screw up a virtual city, but believe me, you can. I was still stumbling along at level 12 when I got the guide after 2 weeks of playing regularly. Now I'm the proud owner of a Skyscraper Condo and the tennis courts and on my way to level 35! And I still look back at my guide from time to time. If you're having trouble getting into the swing of things in CityVille, believe me, this guide is not a bad investment.


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