The most obvious tools for dodging and burning are the Dodge and Burn tools. Choose Dodge to lighten and Burn to darken. Options include Range and Exposure.

Range – Here you can choose Shadows, Midtones, or Highlights. Dodging and burning will emphasize these tones.

Exposure – Here you can determine the strength of the dodge/burn tools. Default is 50%.

You can retrace to build up dodge/burn effects in a painterly fashion. The default exposure of 50% works well in this regard. Excessive dodging or burning can be undone with Ctrl-Z (undo) or backing up to a previous version in the History palette.

The Dodge and Burn tools change image pixels. This makes it difficult to undo or make changes at a later date. Although you can control range and exposure, the controls are somewhat primitive. You cannot, for example, increase or decrease contrast.

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