Friday, April 20, 2012

Facebook Games Are Eating My Schedule – Seriously

I can't tell you how many hours of my life I have lost in the last few months by playing Facebook games. There's FarmVille, Mafia Wars, Restaurant City, and the most recent culprit, Happy Aquarium. I'm not complaining of course – I have a lot of fun with these games and they take so little effort or energy to play. After a long day of work, it's nice to sit back and just click some buttons absent-mindedly. But, just because I have fun with them, doesn't mean I want to stand around and play them half as well as I could and waste a bunch of time.
So, when I saw the Happy Aquarium Secrets website the other day, I stopped what I was doing and checked the guide out. It turns out that this guide, which was just released by the mega-guru guide writer, Tony Sanders, is exactly what I was looking for (and didn't even know it).
Whereas before I was very intently focused on playing the game as much as possible, I eventually wanted to start playing it as well as possible. If I could get the same tasks done faster, why not do it? I could then spend time playing other games or watching TV or talking with my family a bit longer than just through dinner.
Happy Aquarium Secrets made it easy to focus on the game more intently by showing me multiple ways to manage my fish with special training and mating tips, charts for the selection of the right fish that matched my schedule, and the best way to set up my tanks so that I made more coins without having to worry about dead fish or missed opportunities.
In short, Happy Aquarium Secrets turned my casual hobby into a hardcore endeavor and I'm having a blast because of it. If you're anywhere near the same boat as me, check out Happy Aquarium Secrets and see what it can do for you.

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