Flight Simulator 2002- Download and Enjoy Flight Simulator GameThe Flight Simulator software is the longest running and most well known game ever made.

Flight Simulator 2002, is a new edition which is a very realistic, graphically sophisticated flight simulator and has been the best selling flight game for years.

When you download Flight Simulator 2002, you automatically experience real-time interactive Air Traffic Control.

In addition to that, there are also new- awesome landscapes which make you feel that you are really piloting an air plane.

Visual effects made with the technology of "Auto-Gen" as well as updated air planes are also great features, which include the Boeing 474-400 and Cessna's very successful band on land and amphibious.

In order to enjoy and get the most out of the flight simulator, you must have the right equipment.

The system requirements are: * Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000/XP * PC that has 300 MHz equivalent or higher processor * 64 MB of empty hard disk space and an additional 100 MB allowed for swap files * 4x speed or faster CD-Room drive * 8 MB 3D graphic card * A sound card and speakers or head phones are required to hear the audio effects.

* A compatible pointing device used for simulated flying.

A joystick or flight yoke is recommended.

* 56.

6 Kbps modem or better if you want to play online Once you have doubled checked to make sure that you have met all the system requirements, you can decide where you want to download your version of the 2002 flight simulator from.

So when you are ready to try your hand at flying a simulated plane, you may go ahead and download flight simulator 2002 from many websites.

There are those that either offers free download demo or you can go all out and purchase the flight simulator from a major retailer, who you know you can trust.

When you have your copy of the flight simulator, you will start to enjoy the challenges of flying a life- like plane.

Remember that this is only possible after you download flight simulator 2002.

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